No, I gonna get YOU.


35 thoughts on “No, I gonna get YOU.

  1. How could anyone resist you Ludo when you have such handsome markings on your head, such a gorgeously fluffy and tickle-able tummy (and of course such a splendid set of gnashers!)Cheers! H.

  2. BOL! My Mommy does that to me too & to the puppies. Her hands always look like minced meat after it's over. Hahaha!!!Smoochies,Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

  3. Do you call your Mom’s hand The Claw?? 😉 I think you are very smart when you look out of the corner of your eye and pretend that you don’t see the claw and then attack!!! Excellent work Ludo!!Nala

  4. We agree with the Hamish Westie – your marky’s on your head are very handsome!Hey, we have an award for you over at our bloggy!

  5. Ah Ludo, I thought I was going to have to watch this without sound, or after Katie was outside, so as not to get her all riled up, but you did so GOOD! No barking. Katie is just like you, she looks away, and then tries to “surprise” me by grabbing my hand! You had me giggling! Tell your Mom that next spring maybe she can put some pretty flowers in a pot or something so that she can have a pretty little garden out on her porch! Even if she can’t have a regular garden right now! 🙂

  6. Ludo!We have one of those claw monsters here too. It mostly attacks pee-wee as I am not very interested in it.I liked it when you made snarly face. What a fierce little guy you are.Slobbers,Mango

  7. Just found this blog, do you accept hooman followers? Dispatch (bichon) helps me write if that helps, he’s the white lump behind me in my profile photo.Dispatch says he never gets the “claw” he rolls over on his back and waits for the claw to scratch his belly.

  8. Hi Handsome – we play that game too, sometimes mom says she “got my nose” and puts her thumb through her fist and shows it to me, I believed her for awhile – I don’t anymore though. your gal, Morgan

  9. Hi Ludo,Sometimes my humans play this game with me too but then they end up complaining/ grumbling that I bit them too hard and left some of my cute little teefie marks on their delicate hand.. Nevertheless, it’s a fun game isn’t it (as long as it’s not me getting hurt)..

  10. We play that game too – mom thinks it’s fun. I put up with it ’cause I know I will eventually get the tummy rubs! That is all I really want! You have better form than me though…..Barks!Luna and Sole’

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