Today I be doing thanking yous to the Dughallmor beagle gang for this package for playing red nose day that arrived.

Also, to Mack who gived me this award. Thank you!
I will list who I be passing it on to tomorrow as I late for agility right now!

And to Dawn and Katie, who tagged me to do this…

Here the 7 things I loves.

My Mum, especially getting cuddles from her, going to agilities, doing trainings.

Delicious foods! Especially the kind that drops on the floor when peoples is cooking and the kind I get in trainings.

My wubba/ball/any toy I only allowed to have some of the times.

Auntie Penny, especially barking at Auntie Penny to make her chase me. If only she loved me more.

Barking! Especially barking to go outside and see Molly and Faline, then barking to come back, then barking to go out, then barking to come back, then… Mum says you probably get the idea. …barking to go out hehe!

The letterman! He soo very fun to bark at and he brings me parcels and also Auntie Penny barks at him so then I can bark at her, then the door gets opened so I can go out to see Molly and Faline, then I can bark to come in again! heee!

Walkings! Especially going to the beach and going on Ludo’s lookings with lots of new smells.

~lickies, Ludo!

27 thoughts on “Thankies

  1. Now we got the very same presents and we can play with them and think about each other. I could be thinking I wish we lived closer, and I could play on the beach with you and Aunt Penny!Kisses,Stella

  2. Im so glad you got a pressie! You look very happy. I hope you havent been missing me too much Dear Ludo. I think about you all the time, but I have been very busy here at home cheering everyone up. I will be sure to tell you when the postman brings my love pressie from you!!Licks,Kylie

  3. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar verry lucky yoo akchooaly got to play with yore toys and didnt git them stolen frum yoo by yore sneeky meen older brother wot is naymd tucker the other vizsla dog!!! ok bye

  4. Hi Ludo! Zeke and I always bark at the substitue mail carrier but not our real one. Congrats on the presents and award!See ya!Joey

  5. Hello Ludo!Congratulations on your award and what nice presents you have! Enjoy!Licks and WagsTUffy and the Dog WOods pack

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