Tricky T-day and True colours

So for Tricky T-day this week I has beed learning ‘the other paw’ so’s that I can do marching like Honey has teached us. So far we up to moving along with both paws. Sorry about grandpawents talking now and then in the background, Mum tried to edit most of it out. She say we needs our own place but I thinks I would miss Auntie Penny. I will shows you how I doing on tuesday.

Also, it be True colours thursday and this week be grey. Grey an easy one because of course all these colours that you people like to give names to just be different kinds of grey inside my eyes…

Puppy me.

MollyYounger Auntie Penny

~lickies, Ludo

28 thoughts on “Tricky T-day and True colours

  1. You are a very clever boy, and do such a fine job with your tricks. I have a lesser attention span than you do! My Mom says we should do some works on that!Kisses,Stella

  2. Hi Ludo,That is BRILLIANT!!! Am so impressed! You are a really clever doggie – you learn so fast! My human says that’s the difference between clever working breeds like you and dopey giant breeds like me…it takes me WEEKS (sometimes months!) to catch on to a new trick! :-)Hey – that is a really cool trick at the end of the video when you growled on cue…how did you learn to do that? My human has been trying to teach me but I don’t really understand what she wants…I only growl when she asks me to if we hear a strange noise outside the door at the same time as well…please tell me how you learnt!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  3. Your mom is so demanding. She made you choose which foot to use even with the same hand! That must have been hard.I am glad to see I am not the only one who sometimes gets bored with the training (although with me it happens a bit sooner).You will be dancing soon, huh? Slobbers,Mango

  4. Your other paw trick is coming along great! It took me forever to learn that – I am really “right pawed” and just couldn’t figure out how to lift up my left paw on cue for the longest time. I’ve got it now though!Oh by the way, about barking – you know what? I NEVER bark in class! People there ask my mom if I am a real sheltie because I don’t bark. Mom says they should see me at home! BOL!

  5. You get so many treats! I’m beginning to wonder if there might be something in this training lark after all.Oh no – nearly forgot, silly me, I’m a Westie! Cheers! H.

  6. HI Ludo! nice work with your new trick! Because I have one white paw, I learned “paw” and “white paw” as a puppy…..Mommy likes to tell people I know my colors BOL!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

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