Frankly Faline

Hello, it’s me, Faline again. I only seem to be allowed to post everytime the pup is seriously naughty. He seems to have something against the hoomans clay things, she’d finally gotten around to getting the contest winners things packaged up and Ludo stole one from the dining room table and before you could blink it was an amputee. Unfortunately it was just a small thing so he wasn’t in too much trouble. I hope he’s not allowed outside so he can’t steal our hay anymore.

You other dogs might think I exagerate his level of annoyance, but I don’t. Infact, here’s photographic evidence.

Here’s us, tucking into some hay…

Here’s what was on the other side…

So The Hooman said if he wanted to be a rabbit he could go on our side. Blatant hay stealage!

Even from my very mouth!

As if the grand theft bunstuffs wasn’t enough, he then starts getting all loving and snuffy and sniffy and totally left stupid cold wet nose prints all over my carefully groomed furs. Outrageous!

See the marks?

Luckily he’s no where near as good at eating hay as we areor we’d have none left, he then had the cheek to go into our house for a nosey around. Uninvited.

Molly says I should be nice to the little guy-(who’s not so little anymore) because maybe The Hooman doesn’t give him a supply of hay, but I’m sure he must have his own, or that would be cruelty. Molly is a lot calmer than I am, he got to socialise with the pup when he first became part of the family. I wasn’t allowed. Not fair really, I mean I only boxed him that one or two times and only because I thought he might be another rabbit invading my territory. Molly even thinks it feels nice when the Pup sniffs all over his head… He’s not the one who has to spend ages grooming his furs back into place though is he, I do that for him.

Anyway, eventually the Pup got bored and got lifted out again.


35 thoughts on “Frankly Faline

  1. Hi FalineWe completely agree that this is an outrageous situation!We think Ludo is completely confused – he must think he is a rabbit!We are sorry that he was naughty and that one of the little models has lost a limb but he should not be seeking solace in eating hay and moving in with you rabbits.Actually Faline……we are not sure how to tell you this……but some dogs ……well they chase rabbits and…. no it is too awful to tell you!Now of course we are avid watchers of Watership Down and want to be friends! We cannot understand Ludo and are dispatching as a matter of some urgency a doggie psychiatrist to have a look at him!We expect he is currently a risk to himself – what will become of a dog eating hay?Try not to worry Faline.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  2. Oh Faline, why are you being punished, by having to share your living space and food, when it was Ludo who was naughty? Seems very unfair. As for the wet marks, I think Ludo is trying to show his love, whether you like it or not. Dogs like hay too, although they rarely get the opportunity to eat any. I know Oreo would be munching away, along with Ludo if he had the chance! So, you are very kind to share.

  3. Ludo, I know you call them rabbit-dogs and think they are another canine breed, but they are way different! OK, you satisfied your curiousity about where they sleep and where they eat and what they eat, so now best just not get in the pen with them any more. If you insist on it, you will have to eat hay instead of those yummy meats you get. You don’t want that, I am sure!Kisses,Stella

  4. Hi, Faline!I agree with Zim… you fur looks very soft… I’d love to do the same!It is not like Ludo is confuse and he thinks he is a bunny. It is just that he wants to share everything with you!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  5. Poor Ludo! He obviously needs more hay in his diet. That said, it was most rude of him to mess up your furs like that.Slobbers,mango

  6. Oh I think you rabbits are lovely, what lovely colours. I dont think there is any danger there though. You all look cosy to me.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Faline – it would seem to me that Ludo has it pretty good for punishment if he is allowed into your lair, to eat your hay and to rearrange your bunny fur – hmmmmm you might want to talk to the hoomans about exactly how they punish him!

  8. We would love to sink our snooters into your gorgeous fur – well, maybe it wouldn’t just be our snooters, so maybe we better not do that.You two are so pretty.woos, the OP Pack

  9. Hi Ludo!I'm just stopping by to let you know that Scooby & Lady have set a date fur their wedding. Stop by my blog to see how to RSVP if you would like to attend.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  10. Hello Ludo and Faline! I came here by way of Cliff, and I’m so glad I did. It sounds like you have a very interesting family life!I’ve never seen a dog so calm around rabbits before. Maybe you need to work on some basic manners for hay sharing, Faline…if that’s an option as it sounds like you don’t care for sharing at all.

  11. Oh my those bunnies are soooo very cute!!!Thank you soooo very much for the wonderful gift for Hailey!! Each item is just wonderful! We LOVED your personalized card! Great signature!Chasing my tale…Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  12. Oh Ludo – I think you’re so lucky to have bunnies to play with!Hi Faline – you should be thankful that Ludo is not jowly like me…otherwise you wouldn’t just be a little “mussed up” when he sniffs and licks you – you’d be drenched in slobber!!! Hee! Hee!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  13. Faline,I can see you take alot of pride in grooming your furs and keeping it all in place so I understand why you don’t want dawg nose juice all over your back! I don’t think I’d like to eat hay but my mom got a good chuckle out of Ludo with the hay coming out of his mouth! He looks like he really likes you two bunnies!Pedro

  14. That post is bout sweetest thing I ever saw… I so glad it you and not the me what in close proximity of cute bunny… on a counta I don’t trust my the self.Readin your blog is fun!wif love from the Luke

  15. Hehee.. we kinda like the pic of you and Ludo sharing that piece of hay! Kinda reminds us of the scene in ‘Lady and the Tramp’ where they each were chewing on an end of a stand of spaghetti!! Hmmm.. no wonder Ludo cannot resist snuggling his wet nose into your fur.. it looks so cleanand velvety!!

  16. Hi Faline! It’s nice to meet you. You sure are pretty, and it’s nice of you to let Ludo come visit you.See ya!Joey and Zeke

  17. Dearest Ludo,We think a 10 is just perfect. It is not an easy quiz. We are sure you could do one on sheltie's and we would have a tough time with it.Looking forward to your next post. Congrats and good luck with the Awesome Blog of the Month nomination. Essex & Deacon

  18. Mmm, those tasty crispy veggie must be tasty! Your bunnies are so friendly. I am begging Mommy to buy one rabbit as my own pet one day. She said she will but not now.Smoochies,Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

  19. Oh Faline……Ludo just invited himself right in didn’t he! Perhaps he wanted to see what was so delicious about the hay you love to eat, and have to taste it for himself! The nerve of his wet nose in your soft and silky fur though! BOL!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  20. OMD….I can’t believe Ludo sniffed you like you were a doggy! 🙂 And stole your hay….he really should get his own but then again it is always nice to share! ;)Nala

  21. Hello Faline, You’re a very pretty looking bunny!We thinks Ludo is just jealous you have hay and he hasn’t. Hehe.licks and WagsTuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

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