22 thoughts on “wordless

  1. Was you singing Ludo….you looked like you very singing. There is some dogs in my neighborhood that do that when they hear the fire sirens or the tornado sirens…..they are very loud and make doggies sing.

  2. Hi LudoWe thought you looked as though you might be singing too! We checked out your pal Reilly's blog – how handsome is he!!!Well of course you are handsome too but we certainly liked the look of Reilly!We did not think the thing in the water was the Loch Ness Monster although it did look quite scary.We advised it was best avoided.love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Those are great close-ups, Ludo! I think you look like you're singing too!thanks for continuing my game! When you do your post about your Mummy & Daddy and how you found your humans, will you tag others to continue the game?Slobbers, Honey the Great Dane

  4. Those photos remind me about a book I once heard about, “my what big eyes you have . . . my what a big nose you have . . . ” But oh what a cutie you are!Glad that you stopped by and left the nice comments about the latest CCSI show! So happy that you enjoyed it.

  5. Such a very handsome man-dog you are now, Ludo!Were you singing? Yodeling, maybe?You were the only one that got my tie in with Crabby Ali Z and the Crabby Apple tree!I don’t know what to say about the reader thingie, I don’t use it, but wonder if you have all your eyes dotted and tees crossed. Ask Khyra, she would know, she is soooo smart!Kisses,Stella

  6. Goodness, Ludo, you’re quite talented when it comes to posing for the camera. You could be a model with a profile like that!

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