Super Sunny Saturday!

Today has beed a brilliant day today! Mum finished work at about half 10 in the morning and then we wented to the beach before it got very busy, though it still beed quite full in the touristy bit, we had to go a bit further out to get away from all the families. You can do clickings to bigify.

Here be some piccures of the sceneries

We seed lots of empty crab and other shells. We thinks these be anenomies, I crunched one up good with my feets! Mum said the seagulls had beed feasting! They not look like good food to me, but whatever float their boat.

Of course you needs to see some pawsome ball piccures!

I getting braver in the water!

Mum said the water felt warm when she beed picking up my ball so she took off her outside feet furs which she call shoes and comed in the sea with me. Doesn’t it be cool how humans has all these detachable furs and some even be fun to play with?

I will guard your shoes.

I met quite a lot of doggies, here be some piccures of them.

My favouritist was the snauzer guy, we played ball in the sea for a bit and got Mum’s skirt all wet. Ruff! The other two beed very rude. First the little yorkshire terrier girl. She swammed through that rock pool to get to me, I said hello very nicely, she went away and then came back and started telling me off. I ranned away! She chased me and we was dodging all over the place. Her peoples were running after her doing tellings off and my Mum beed laughing at me! It not funny Mum, I not allowed to bite girls after all so what else could I do? Then that big collie dude comed up. You can sees from his body language that he beed very rude and dominant and very in my face. He lifted his leg at me and Mum telled him off. Then he ranned off to another little dog who was sitting with a family with childrens. Well, the family not beed quick enough and he weed on their little dog and the childrens bump of sand they’d built. Uh oh. The owner comed up and said sorry to the family. But Mum said some dogs really need their new-ters and it people like that which gonna make the authorities say no doggies on the beach.

I would not want that!

Me and Mum had an argument about who would carry my ball. I kept dropping it and shouting, ‘pick it up Mum!’ But she say no, I carrying my shoes, you carry it or we leave it. Yous can see from this next collage that she won a couple times and I had to go back for my ball. But in the end she gived in. hehe!

Then Mum wented and got us both ice creams. I not beed very sure about the ice cream, cos I had it afore off a cone and was not impressed. But this smelled very yummy and I wanted it straight away. It beed heavenly yumness! I think this rotweiler behind us wanted some too, his owners came out with ice creams, but none for him.

I did not eat all my ice cream and on the way back I did very super awesome heeling thinking I would get the rest but no, look who did!

Finally, here be a video of some clips of me. We did lots of wait and leave training. Mum walked 60 steps away from me. It took about 4 times afore I was able to stay for that long though.

~lickies, Ludo

oh! Pee ess!: I keep forgetting to say that I has beed nominated for the awesome blog award at the bone zone. If you not registered please do! Thankies to my furiends who has voted so far and also to The four musketeers for nominated me!


35 thoughts on “Super Sunny Saturday!

  1. Hi LudoWe have been out in the sun but have come in for some shade now! We bassets dont like it too hot your know.We have been over at DWB and, paws crossed, we think you will win!!!We loved your post today and your video with clear blue skies and sunshine. The pictues are always better. We really like the collage idea and must give it a try.You were looking super cool with your blue bandana – we wondered if perhaps you should have had a straw hat on to shade you from the sun?Glad you shared the ice cream with Aunt Penny – it is only fair.Enjoy the rest of your weekend.We will keep our paws crossed for you with the Awesome Bloggie!love and kisssesMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Hi Ludo! It’s great that you get to play at the beach. Doggies aren’t allowed to here, but it’s always very crowded with tourists, so we understand. Good luck on Awesome Blog! See ya!Joey and Zeke

  3. What a fun day at the beach you had! You are getting brave going in that water…you’ll be swimming like the Knight’s shelties soon.I think we have to go get some ice cream tonight! That looked really good ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a pretty beach you have! Ours is just a beach.Seriously you weren’t IN LOVE with ice cream the first time you tried it?? It was love at first site for me! We are headed over to the Bone Zone right now!

  5. You had a very fun day and loved seeing and hearing all about it. Dont woofies get to go to some fun places, Woofies are not allowed on our beaches during summer months, and your mum is right it is the bad ownwers that cause that.I think you could win too. Mum says you are very lovely. I suppose you are for a woofie.Hugs GJ xx

  6. What a great day at the beach! Too bad about the rude dog who wanted to pee on you – how gross! I’ll bet the best part was the yummy ice cream. Your training is going so well.Your friend,Niamh

  7. w00fs, wow, u has the most amazing places to go….me not has water like dat…me not nos what me wood do..heehee and u minds too, me not listen to good..b safe,~rocky~

  8. Hi Ludo! You had a very special day today and thank you for sharing it with us. I see you wore the bandanna I gave you and that makes me happy, almost like I am there having fun with you.I am gonna go vote you right now!Kisses,Stella

  9. ice-cream is so good… buys me Frosty Paws….they are ice creams your get at the grocery store here, especially for doggies and they are soooooooo good. Your beach just looks like so much fun….I want to come and play……but I don’t want to get my feet wet.

  10. Ludo – what a great story about your day at the beach! You really have a way of telling stories that makes them very entertaining! We love to read them! You are so brave now going far out into the water. Bet it feels good to cool off on a sunny day. You’re lucky to live so close to the beach. Wish I could be there with you!

  11. What a great day Ludo! And Katie says to tell you that when she wants me to do something, she almost always wins in the end! Moms are just suckers for doggies!

  12. I love your trip to beach and I still laughin!Your pitchers are so sweet and cute. I just love your blog!I am off to vote for you but before I go, I want to let you know…I left an award for you on my blog! I pass it to you from the bottom of my heart. You deserve it! Enjoy!wif love from the Luke

  13. What a day at the beach Ludo!! Wow.. the water looks so clear! Oh dear… that collie that you met wasn’t very nice when he tried to pee on you!! That’s terrible.. good thing your mom stopped him in time.

  14. Yes, momma doesn’t go to off leash places because there are always some very bad doggies there with ignorant peoples. Even on our normal walks we sometimes run into off leash dogs and momma shouts at the people to “call your dog” and they can’t and they think its funny. It is NOT funny. Slobbers,Mango

  15. I think it would be so neat to live near an ocean – I will get to see the ocean for the first time in July – I can’t wait – mom is getting me “beach” shirts so that I don’t get a sunburn – you know I have no undercoat and my skin is VERY pink…..I hope I meet doggie friends there – we’re going to a place called Daufuskie Island –

  16. We can’t believe that you couldn’t finish all of your ice cream, Ludo! It was nice of you to share it with Aunt Penny!You beach is so beautiful! We hope you’re always allowed on it!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  17. woowoowoowoooooo!What a wonderful post dear friends!!!!!!!!We really LOVED all your pictures and your collage is wonderful…great idea doing that…how did you do???Can you tell to our mommy how your mom have done that???ยงWe have been over at DWB and voted for you….. paws crossed…hope you will win!!!We loved your video with clear blue skies and sunshine!!!!!!!Awwwwwwwww…..wish were with you!!!The pictues are always the best!!!!You were looking super cool with your blue bandana!!!!!Mom have bought one for us and today are arrived!!!!Soon we'll post our Bandana photos!!!;-)))))))))))Glad you shared the ice cream with Aunt Penny…did you have saved a little bit for us????Have a wonderful week dear friends!!!We will keep our paws crossed for you with the Awesome Bloggie!!!!!!We love you soooooo much!!Sweet kisses and licks!!!

  18. You had such an awesome day, Ludo. I wish I could run around and play at the beach like you. Unfortunately, my human pet doesn’t let me out much. I shall live vicariously through you!

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