Tricky T-day – Join in!

You joining me today on Tricky/training T-day.
Mum thought we could try doing something a bit different with Tricky T-day and make it a Meme thingy. Whatever that be. What it mean is I would like yous all to join in on my T-days. You can post on a tuesday or a thursday about any tricks or training you be learning, with piccures, video or just words. So’s we can all encourage and support each other and maybe help each other out too. Some of yous do it already so this way we will be able to keep track of each other. I will try and get Mum to post up a trick learning video now and then so if you wants you can learn that one, or you can just post about whatever you likes. What you think? I do hopes some of you will join me on Tricky T-days.

If you would like to you can use this button, or make your own too. Mum would like to make some more buttons, so if you be taking part please peemail me a piccure of you doing a trick and I will alternate the button I uses.

For this first week here be Aunty Penny learning my bestest, favouritist trick, Spin. Apparently I beed getting in the way, so I got shut out the room. Of course I didn’t like that, since I loves trick learnings and bark bark barked. So then I got put in time out in Mum’s room. That why I sound quieter barking. hehe.

If you leaves a comment saying you would like to take part, I will post a linky to you in my blog on <– that side.

In other news it beed far too hot here, so I not beed doing much at all. There a display taking place next saturday at a village what my club be doing. This monday we trained for it and will be next monday too, but the stupid thing be Mum will be away when the display be on so I will miss it. *sigh*
~lickies, Ludo

35 thoughts on “Tricky T-day – Join in!

  1. see – you can teach an old doggie new tricks. Can you do up a list of tricks you will be showing…..and maybe if some of us know different ones we can add them?

  2. Ludo, that is a great idea and we will enjoy following how you get on. It has to be said though that bassets really dont do tricks!We enjoyed watching your video and there are lots of dogs out there who will enjoy Tricky T-day.Perhaps if you get any bassets doing tricks you can let us know!Love you lotsMartha & bailey xxxx

  3. It was fun watching Penny learning a trick. Ludo, you get mad, just like Oreo, when Misty gets her chance.We will try to join you on Tricky T’s, not sure if we can do it every week – but we’ll try.

  4. We look forward to seeing all your new tricks. We’re are not very tricky, unfortunately. We are great at eating, playing and getting into trouble but not following directions and learning new tricks. We will leave that up to you smarter and more focused doggies.Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  5. Spinning is my most favorite move of all! When I am working on my moves, stupid Pee-Wee gets locked in the house and he makes quite a fuss. Just jealous because he doesn’t have any moves yet.Slobbers,MangoP.S. I would sign up, but momma has such a hard time keeping track of days that she never knows when to post what. DOH.

  6. That is terrible that you are going to miss your group’s demonstration Ludo. You should make your mum stay home for it so you can show off your stuff.Your friend,Niamh

  7. Great idea, Ludo! I will follow Tricky T-day and if I could join, I´ll let you know, ok!I enjoyed the video. Looking forward to seeing and learning new tricks.xoxo,Thor

  8. LudoCONGWATULATIONS on winning the awsome blog of the momf awawd fow MAY!!!i'm so happy fow you1 I would love to join, xept i don't do any twicks and Mommi is too lazy (busy) to teach me wight now.I think it will be a vewy pwestigious club to be in, and I'm sad that I'm such a non-stawtewsmoochie kissesASTA

  9. Congrats on winning the Awesome Blog Award for May. As for being tricky, we are very basic. Unless you count the cold nose on the back, when it is time to go to the dog park. BOL.Essex & Deacon

  10. Ludo – great job of spinning at the end! How did you let Penny get all that attention? (but she did really well, you have to admit)!We will try to join you on Tricky-T Days but we can't promise we will be able to do it every week. Your button is really cute and we'll add it to our blog!

  11. I think that is a super idea but I cant do tricks realy because I am not a woofy. I wil look forward to seeing what you and your pals get up to.Mum says how do you get things to go on both sides of the blog page, she can only put on the right side. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Wooohooo, we'll try and play along 😀 Alfie likes to show off but posting to your T-day might show him UP! We think the Aunties are being far too modest….they have beautiful singing voices and could have probably won Britain's Got Talent!Sorry we didn't have more time last Thursday, we'd love to have met up with you since we passed by your neck of the woods….or lakes, whatever! Maybe next time, it's fun meeting bloggies!Slobbers xx

  13. That's such a cool idea! As Siberians, we aren't really into tricks. Unless you mean tricking the humans, but that's probably not what you have in mind.We're anxious to see what everypup else does, though!Tail wags,Storms

  14. I don't do tricks either, and when my Mom tries to teach me something, she gives up easy, which is how I like it.All of you tricksters have fun though and we will be watching you. Maybe we will get jealous enough of your talents to want to try harder.Kisses,Stella

  15. Ooh! Great idea! I will have more time to work with the boys this summer, as I'm off of school. I have to work with them one at a time, because they get in each other's ways.count us in!

  16. Hey Ludo, i liked your spins. I do that at freestyle, but I only like to go to the right, not the left (we call that twirl). Your agility show will not be the same without you there! i am sorry you will miss it. i hope you are good for your grandparents… your gal, Morgan

  17. Oh Ludo- what a BRILLIANT idea!! I'm so sorry I missed this post – have been busy and not had a chance to visit my blog friends until now…can I still join in??You know, it's so funny but I was just thinking of starting something similar! (Hee! hee! Great minds think alike…) – after my post about my "marching legs" trick, a lot of doggies left comments asking me to give more "lessons" so I have been thinking about it…but you beat me to it! Ha! ha! Anyway, I think it's a GREAT idea for us doggies out there that enjoy learning tricks – it's so nice to see what each other are learning and pick up tips and support each other!Count me in!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  18. Oh – the only thing is, I don't know if I could join in EVERY week…would it be OK – can I still play – if we only post about tricks now and then? I will try to make sure it's on a Tuesday or Thursday!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  19. Count us in! Thanks for sending the link to the T-day posts, I was planning to see if you had them conveniently labeled so you saved me the trouble! I will have to try to get a pic of Moose doing a trick to send you for a button, it would be awesome but will use yours for now. I think Ludo was offering tips on spinning to Penny 😉 I will add spin to list of things I want to try with Moose, the list is getting longer by the minute but I am learning lots from everyones posts so hopefully that will make it easier!Moose + Dana

  20. Yeps! Count us in. e would both love to try out some tricks. we always do that at home anyways,coz anything new that we do makes Mummy just so happy.wags, buddy n ginger

  21. Hi Ludo – I'm Zola! I wasn't born when you first started your Tricky T-day. I'm a new doggie on the blog-block and now that I have overcome my blog shyness, I would love to join in! Once I start my Tricky T Day videos, I will put your cool little Tricky T day picture on my blog if thats ok with you? I'm a not a superstar trickster sheltie but I will try and show you what us more artistic Ridgebacks are capable of doing. Your Blog picture header is beautiful. Greetings from France.

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