28 thoughts on “Wordless wednesday… what I did today!

  1. that looks like lots of funny ….were you doing some gardening with Aunt Penny….maybe looking for a long long yummy bone. You are doing very well with those jumps too….you will be zooming over them all in no time

  2. Woowowooowooooo dear Ludo and Penny!!!What a great day you had!!!Looking you in action doing agility is soooooooooooo exciting!!We would love try to do agility with you….sure you'll be a great teacher for us!!!!and great pictures of you and Penny…..in the first photo seems that is snowing in your garden!!!!!!and in the 2nd and 3rd….Mmmmmmmmmm….are Penny pooping????waawawwawwawaaaaaaaaa!!!!!We love you dear friends!!!!Sweet kisses and licks!!!

  3. Hi LudoThat looked like a great day to us – some pottering about in the garden – same lazing about with Aunt Penny and then some agility.We liked watching you in your video.We like the treats part of the agility exercise.We are off to have a lie down now as we are tired out just watching you.love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx

  4. You know Ludo that agility stuff really does look quite good fun, I an even beginning to wonder if terriers are missing out, not generally going in for anything that involves obeying commands.Oh well. can't teach an old dog new tricks, I guess! Cheers, H.

  5. Wow, Ludo! That course looks like tons of fun. You're an amazing dog! I wish my days were filled with half of the excitement of yours!P.S. I remember you telling me you had something for me, but when I came by, I wasn't sure what it was. Clue me in sometime if you can!

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