Mum’s back… I mean you might have guessed. But I thoughted I’d tell you anyways.
I calmed down a bit but I has beed so happy hyper I has not beed able to keep still for one minute. I has beed digging my bed and Mum’s bed like I used to when I was littler. I sure beed suprised to see Mum when she comed back. I thought she’d gone forever and had settled down to life as a sad little orphan and no beach walks and no trainings.

Mum stayed in bed for ages, I had to nearly chew her hands off in the end to wake her up. I also has to follow her everywhere. She went and had one of those bath things so I had to sit outside the room with my nose snuffling at the door in case she escaped out that secret door that I just knows bees in there somewhere.

I got zoomies bad.

Take that thing off your paw mum.

Happy faces.

You sure all has beed busy. 438 posts in google reader. I mean, that would take me soo long to read them all, so we just gonna start afresh from today and as you make new posts we will read the old ones to get catched up.

Today also a T-day. I is making a list of pups what be playing. Some of you has said you is gonna so I will add you as you play. Yes, please do send a pic of you doing a trick if you wants your own button or use mine if you does not.
Now I thinks some of you be very silly indeed. You terriers and huskies has beed saying you cannot do tricks cos of what breed you be. As if! I knows I find it easier being a rabbit-dog but you can all still do them and it fun when you start. You just has to learn to work within your own learning style. Get really yummy treats and a super patient parent and learn in little bursts. Mum do most of my training when them advert thingies come on the tv, a few minutes at a time.

Mum gonna get some piccures to prove it but about half my advanced freestyle class be terriers. You terriers be very intelligent you know! There also be a husky called Finn who come to agility with me.

I will still be working on my paw tricks like marching this week, and Mum gonna start to teach Penny how to target things with her feet. So for the next couple of tricky T-days it would be very pawsome. (hehe, getit? I bet Ammy would be proud) if you could show off any tricks you can do with your paws. If you post on tricky t-day if you give it it’s own label I will do linkings to just those posts.

~lickies, Ludo


36 thoughts on “Back

  1. We was both orphaned this past week….my mom and dad went on vacation without me – can you believe that!!!! Mom says I need to join your Tricky Day as I need to get back into a routine and start practicing again

  2. Welcome back I missed you smilimng woofie face,, Hugs GJ xxI can do tricks check out my huge leap from two posts ago. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Wowowowowowooooo!!!We're very very very very happy to see your smiling face again!!!We missed you a lot sweet friend!!!You and Penny are gorgeous as always!!!!and your video is GREAT!!!!you run like the best runner in the world!!!!We love youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!have fun with your mommy Ludo and don't leave her go far from you never more!!!!!!!!!!!;))))))))sweet kisses and licks!!!!

  4. Hi Ludo!! It is so good to have you back! I am wearing my happy face now too! You're right about the tricks – terriers and huskys and all breeds should join in – every dog young and old can learn some tricks IMHO.Mom keeps forgetting about tricky t-day on tuesdays so we usually post our's on thursdays. Hope that's ok.

  5. Hi Ludo! Thanks for your message today . . .I really missed you too.Here is the deal at our house, my Mom is going to start me on Clicker Training and neither of us have done it before, but she wants me to learn mannerly things, and also wants to learn to teach me. So maybe after a bit of it, I can learn a trick! I hope so!Kisses,Stella

  6. Hi Ludo!Those were some awesome zoomies! Hee hee…I'm a terrier and I can do some tricks (especially for treats!) – I'll shake hands, sit up and lie down. I'm just not so keen on things like coming when called or staying. I'll leave treats until Mommy says okay. See? We terriers can do tricks too!Your pal, Petey

  7. You are so right – you are one happy pup to see your Mum back. We loved your zoomies and your happy faces. Can your Mum come here and teach us those tricks? We would try really hard.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  8. Hey I used your button today on my blog post. I did the trick of jumping off the dock, it seems to be my favorite one to do right now. =) mom says she will be taking pictures of me doing others too!! if any of them turn out well I may want a button of my own but until then I will use yours =)

  9. Welcome back to your mommee! Looks like you are happy to see her. We missed her, too!(We have to do that with our google reader, too. If we fall behind, it's because we're having too much FUN!)Wuv,Gus and Waldo

  10. i was orpahned last week too – sortof – I got to stay with my sweet susanne but still – glad your mom is better and you're back together

  11. Hi Ludo,Welcome back!!!! Really missed you!And I couldn't agree more with you about the tricks things and different breeds…after all, I'm supposed to be a stupid, stubborn breed that's good for nothing but being a couch potato!! You're right – any breed can do tricks – we might just have to learn in different ways or take a bit longer to learn some things – or enjoy doing some things more! And you're right also – it doesn't have to be some serious training lesson – all my training is done in short 5mins bursts too (usually before I get my dinner in the evenings!) – anythign longer and I lose concentration – I think if all doggies had short, fun training lessons, they could all do lots of tricks!Sorry I haven't joined in Tricky T-Day this Tuesday – my human is still trying to help me make a video – but I will try to post on Thursday!Hey – by the way, I emailed you a photo of me doing a 'High Five' – I'm a bit confused about buttons: should I use the button you made or make one myself using my own picture? And should I put the button on my Tricks post everytime – is that the idea?Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. It's very important to follow your Mum around to make sure she does not abandon you again. That's what I do too when Gail's been away. My advice is to make sure you even follow her into the bathroom – you never know, she might sneak out the window! As for tricks, well I am triple handicapped as I am old, a terrier, and do NOT have a patient Mum!Cheers, H.

  13. Hi LudoYou are just looking sooo happy your mum is back!Poor Ludo thinking you were an orphan!We can understand you will need to keep a close eye on your mum for the next few days – then you will relax and know you can trust her again.We are looking forward to all your tricky days!Welcome home mum and dont worry about reading all the blogs or you will never be away from the computer!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx

  14. w00fs Ludo, me gotted me pressie, thank u sooo much, me loved will post about it iz glad u mama iz back home…and u iz back..b safe,~rocky!~

  15. We're glad to hear your mom's back. We know what's it like to be orphaned for a weeks. Our Chiefy sometimes needs to travel and we can't help but miss our humans so!Licks and wagsTuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

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