I had to post again

Because Mum be doing big sads. There only so much one little doggy can do. We just readed about Bear and then we finds on the shelter website where we used to live, my rabbit-dog brothers Crocus and Bilbo, only OD didn’t even care enough to tell them Crocus’ right name and so he be called Rocky(my other brother) on their site. Old-daddy says that he has rehomed my sister Mina too. Mum be very upset about this as old-daddy did not tell her he was rehoming them and she knows lots of rabbit people where they might have gone and had a better chance at finding the right home. Mum say it probably best that they be rehomed as oldDaddy not beed coping well last time she saw them but she not think it fair to find out this way. She feels like it really does be goodbye to them now as she will never see them again.

Why must people be so horrid to each other. Old-daddy be so mean, when I loved him so. We not even do anything wrong.

So I has to say goodbye too. I hopes you find wonderful new homes my lovely family. Crocus be the white one, Bilbo the brown and Mina the one what look like me. So’s you can see we be related.

Please click here, and here to see more posts about them, since not many of you got to meet them.


30 thoughts on “I had to post again

  1. Oh my, this is sad news. So hard to see family and friends move on. Especially hard to find out through a website! I hope they have really wonderful furever homes now. And Katie and I hope your Mum feels a little less sad soon.

  2. Ohhhh dear Ludo….what a sad news…we're sooooooo sorry…we hope your friends could find a wonderful new homes!!!!And please dear Ludo take care of your mommy….so she could feels less sad soon!!!Lots of love and special kisses for you and your mommy!!!

  3. We are sad for you Ludo – we dont understand why humans cant be more like us dogs!When humans get hurt they can be so nasty whereas we dogs just forgive and still love regardless.It would be a better world if humans learned from us.love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxx

  4. Ludo,Give your mum a big hug from all of us! We're so sorry you had to find out the news in such an impersonal, cowardly way. May they find good homes, with lots of lettuce and carrots.Love,Sara, Oreo & Misty

  5. Oh no Ludo, this be so very very sads. Your old daddy bees very mean don't he. You be lucky he not be your daddy no mores I thinks.We be sure they will finds their new homes very soon, and gets lots of love.Please tell your mummy that our paw it forward package dids arrive!! Mummy sented your mummy an email to say fanks and all that but not gotted a reply, maybe your mummy not gotted it? We be very gareful for it alls, honestly. The biccys was yummy and we loveded the Pointer rolls!We has not bloggied about it yet cos mummy beed busy with the hollibob, workies, Harry dog and stuffs. She says she will bloggie abouts it tomorrow. We be very sorry about that mix up, we bets you thoughts we was ungratefulls!? Hopes not!Luv Scott xx

  6. I would be sad, too. I hope your friends can be happy wherever they are but it's not fair you won't get to see them! Oh, and my mom says she is sorry your computer got broke.Woof!Sophy

  7. We are so sorry to hear that your OD is being mean just like my evil ex-step-daddy! We don't know why humans are so mean to each other. Your mom and my mom did not deserve this at all. We are very sad.Purrs,JB, Chester and mom Deb

  8. Hi Ludo,I am sorry that your rabbit dog family has to be rehomed. I hope they find wonderful homes and I am sure they will never forget you and the love you all shared. We'll be thinking of you all.:) Tibby

  9. This just breaks my heart, and I so hope they find good and loving new homes.I am people dog and my the Mom is dog people on a counta she say she prefer company of dog over most people she know… and that beed on a counta people can be so mean.Please take care of your the Mom and find joy in fact you have each other and all the love around and in betwixt you.wif much love from the Luke

  10. The complexity of hoomans. Maybe that is why Dad loves dogs so much. We hope your Mum gets over the big sads and gets some happy days. Rain is no good unless you get a rainbow or two. Essex & Deacon

  11. Oh Ludo! Am so sorry to hear your sad news! And how horrible for your human to find out like that – she must be so upset! I don't know why humans can be so unkind to each other sometimes…Am keeping all my paws crossed that your rabbit-dog brothers will find good homes soon!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. This is so sad. I am so sorry, Ludo. I hope that your rabbit-friends find good homes and that they remain safe and taken care of. 😦

  13. Hi Ludo, we feel so sorry for you and your Mum and your rabbit-dog siblings. We hope the dear bunnies will find a nice new home where they are cared for and loved. OldDaddy should really have asked your opinion first!!!!

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