Nearly back!

The computer doctor phoned Mum up today. He say he can save our piccures but everything needs be redoned. He thinks the windows update corrupted the hard drive. I dunno how it happened, cos I guard the window from the end of the bed very well and bark at anything that might be trying to get in. I always get told off but now I knows I be right to do it and it all Mum’s fault something got in the window and broked the computer because she not let me do guardings properly.

So we should get the computer back soon. Huruff!

Mum be going down to our old house with Grandpaw to get the last of her stuff. After months of trying to agree a time with OD he now say he moving so she need to get it right away. Silly huh. I wish I could go to see my cat bro Pepe.

I will get back to commenting to everyone as very soon as the computer gets back. Thanks to efurryone for the support with my rabbit-dogs.
~lickies, Ludo


20 thoughts on “Nearly back!

  1. Can't wait to have you back Ludo!Glad to hear your Mum is getting her stuff back. Now she can move you to bigger and better things 🙂

  2. We miss you Ludo. It will be good for your mum to collect her stuff then she can move on.You looked very handsome at the wedding, by the way!!!!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  3. We had problems with our windows update too. We installed IE8 and then we couldn't watch any videos any more so we had to take it off again and reinstall IE7…Mama wasted the whole weekend trying to fix the 'puter. 😦 😦

  4. Hi dear Ludo:I am sorry to hear you and Mum are being given a hard time by OD. I know you will be fine when Mum comes home with your things.I think of you often and was tickled to see your pic at the wedding escorting Morgan, you both looked so handsome!So, cheer up a bit and keep your sunny side up and things will be very fine soon.Kisses,Stella

  5. w00fs, hmm mama iz always afraid to download those glad u gits ur stuff, u need us to come help u git ur kitty…and me will b glad when u will post my pressies when u get back..i nos now u dont has much time to check bloggies..b safe,~rocky~

  6. computer issues really bite. at least your photos can be saved, we lost a lot of mine when our computer crashed, hence why we do montage mondays now, mom is making up for all the lost pictures.=)

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