My brother be here!

And I soo excited!

As you can see I has beed trying to put Master Zim’s teachings into action to let Pepe know that even though I bigger now I still his bestest brother.

He feeling lots more at home since this video, more piccures tomorrow.

The computer back now. Mum real tired from getting her stuffs and she ahs work soon so’s I will come visiting efurryone tomorrow.

~lickies, Ludo


30 thoughts on “My brother be here!

  1. Ludo, what a wonderful thing, to have your brother Cat back!Just don't get too rowdy and he will come to you and you will have fun like you used to.Kisses,Stella

  2. That is SO COOL that Pepe is there! Try getting real low like that again, but be reeeeeeeal quiet and turn your head, so you're not looking right at him. And think calm thoughts. You'll win him back over in NO time!Play bows,Zim

  3. w00fs, heehee Ludo, u got Pepe back…now, u gots to pretend like u not c's him..let him make the 1st move to u.b safe,~rocky~

  4. Ludo, It is so nice of you to welcome your brother home with your lovely tail wagging! I'm sure you two will be playing in no time!

  5. Welcome Pepe! I hope we hear lots of fun stories about you two playing! You have such a long tail! I'm sure Pepe will be glad to chase it as soon as he comes out from behind the chair!

  6. Oh wow Ludo, we didn't knows you hads a brother! How wonderful!Cannot wait to see more photies of him!!

  7. Hi Ludo!I am glad you wrote in my blog that you are back and I missed you too, a whole lot!I can't wait to see your pictures of your brother cat!Kisses,Stella

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