Busy busy!

I has not beed able to tell you about very much with the computer being broked.

The most important news of course be that I has my cat bro Pepe back! It like he never beed away. He still tell me off if he hungry and he come rub up against me when he wants kisses. Mum has not gotted it on camera yet. She soo happy to have him back. I want to say to JB and her Mom not to give up, cos if we can get Pepe back, maybe someday you too will get Bear. I sure hope so!

Out from the sofa for ham and Mum.

Making hisself at home!

Following Zim’s advice. *sigh* I loves you Pepe.

Pepe has only one tooth and be about 8 years old. Mum and OD adopted him when they first moved in together. He a very nice brother who once beed in a car accident afore Mum and Dad gotted him. He had his jaw broked in the accident and it made his tooths stick up and he casnot close his mouth all the way. At first he had about 6 teeths left, but kept getting infections and needing tooth cleanings so the vet lady said to Mum and OD as he getting older, best to have them taken out, all except one. It not stop him being a piggy though!!

Here be some more piccures of Pepe.

Handsome huh?

Gimme ham please!

Trying to get Mum’s hand

Looking out the window.

Also, now has my Canine Good Citizen award at Bronze level. I passed dead easy on everything except for when Mum had to have a conversation with the tester and I was apposed to be quiet, but I barked. Well I does be a sheltie and Mum and the Lady got talking about the Raw diet which her dogs and me is both on so it turned into a very long and boring conversation.

Me doing my stay.

I also tooked my dog club’s own bronze medal obedience award test. This beed a harder one. You could get 10 faults and I got 5 and a quarter. Huruff! We had to choose 2 things to do from a list of 6 and do two other things. One beed a recall. Super Easy peasy. One beed a heel round the room. With no treats! For the two things we could choose we picked a two minute down stay along with efurrybody else taking the test. I did super good. One of the other dogs got up half way through and was put back, then just as the tester lady said return to your dogs he barked and frightened me so I stood up. Mum didn’t mind though. I beed the youngest dog there and she beed super proud of me for staying so long. Mum couldn’t decide if we should do a heel off lead or a retrieve for our last thing. As it beed all with no treats allowed she picked retrieve. Only when the test started she realised that I did not know how to do a ‘present’ I retrieved my item to Mum but then instead of doing a sit to give it to her I play bowed and she had to tell me to sit. So we think that where I lost my marks. BOL!

Anyways, I got this fancy medal for it. Cool huh?

There be lots more to tell you about over the next few days, Like I now has a brown spot on my leg. I think it really very good and it make me a quadruple colour sheltie!
I has some tricks to show on TRicky T-day. Thanks to efurryone who played whilst I be goned!

I has quite a lot to catch up on too.
~lickies, Ludo

25 thoughts on “Busy busy!

  1. Congratulations on your awards Ludo. We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments! Pepe looks like a very cool cat to have around. I bet your mum is very happy to have him back, and I bet Pepe is thrilled to be back with his mum:)

  2. Hi LudoCongratulations on your Bronze – pawesome medal!We are glad you have your cat bro back where he belongs.Looking forward to getting to know Pepe once he is settled.We were here earlier but our secretary was hooked on Wimbledon!!!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  3. Congrats, Ludo! What a fine boy you are to win an award! I am very happy that you and Pepe are just as good buddies as before. I wish Ali Z would be good buddies with me, but she still keeps her distance.Does Aunty Penny like Pepe?Kisses,Stella

  4. Pepe is simply adorable, teeth or no teeth. I am so glad that he is back in your household. You two seem to be getting along splendidly.Congratulations on your awards! That must be so exciting to have done so well. I bet your entire family is proud of you, Ludo!

  5. Ludo! I am so proud of you for how you're getting on with Pepe!!! Way to go! He looks like one very cool cat; I'd love to hang out with him. Poor little guy, only having one tooth. Can your mom put a ham in the blender and give it to him? :)congrats on all your hard work at school!Play bows,Zim

  6. Congratulations on getting your CGC Ludo! Sounds like it was super easy and you passed with flying colors. When I took my test I almost didn't pass because I didn't want a stranger to touch my ears! Somehow I barely got through it.Pepe is a very cute cat brother! It is so great that you and your mom got him back from OD. Maybe he will take over your blog sometimes like Faline did?

  7. Woowowowooooooo!!!!GREAT GREAT GREAT LUDO!!!!!Congrats on your awards!!!!!We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments!!!!!!!!!YEPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ANd Pepe looks like a very cool and cute and handsome cat!!!!!!!we're sure your mum is very happy to have him back!!!!!!!!!!!!Think you all will have a wonderful weekend all togheter!!!!We love you a lot!!!sweet sweet sweet kisses and licks and give lots of special cuddles to Pepe!!!!

  8. Congratulations Ludo on that great Bronze award! Well done to you!It's great to see Pepe settling back in and enjoying life with you.lots of woofsClive

  9. Oh, Ludo! I am so proud of you for earning the ribbon, and the beautiful medal. It is wonderful that you got Pepe back. Your mum must be so happy, and your grandparents are awsome for allowing 1 more in the house. You have such nice people! your gal, Morgan

  10. Hi Ludo Gail says congratulations on your awards. I confess myself to have some reservations about this obedience training lark. It might be that Gail has been a bit mean with the treats whenever she's tried to 'train' me. Or it might be just because I'm a Westie…Anyway, I do like the sound of your little kitty. As a result of a bad experience in the past, I strongly believe that the fewer teeth a cat has, the better! (And he is very cute).Cheers, H.

  11. Good job in your competition. I bet you made mom laugh when you did your happy dance at the end of the retrieve.Long down stay is really hard, especially if some other doggie gets up first. Its like, "Hey mom, he got up, what do I do now?" And mom can't tell you what to do and you have to figure it out on your own.Slobbers,Mango

  12. Good job Ludo on your Canine Good Citizen award! You did GREAT!! And you are really getting along well with Pepe too! Isn't it great to have your brother back home with you!!

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