How did I gets brown on me? Well, Mum and grandpaw tooked all the stuffs out of her room. I thoughted, great! We living in the living room now, so that be good cos it nearer my food bowls. But then they put stinky colours all over the walls. They call it paint. Paint stinks real bad so I kept out the way most of the time. I only wented in once and I managed to get brown on me. Oh well. Mum has a lot of stuffs huh? I not allowed any of it, which not fair.

Mum had to move our room around to fit in all the stuffs from OD’s. We got to sleep on the new sofa, which I not be allowed on, while the paint dried.
It beed like an adventure! Only it beed really really, very too hot here at the moment so Mum kicked me off after a bit.

The room all done now and it not any different to me, but Mum like it and say it feel more like hers now, (even though it really be mine) so if she happy, I happy. Here what it look like.

And here my blogging area!

Of course the biggest change be the one you knows about… Pepe!
Well, Pepe has gotted very unfairly and rudely spoiled. He not deserve it, cos he not upset at all about moving and has got right back into his old habit of ruling me with his strong paws.

This big hugeunormous box camed. A package for me! No Mum!? But all packages be for me!!

It all beed for Pepe! A little toilet house. And this cool looking giant stuffy thing. I tried to get inside but my shoulders got stucked and I could not get out! It be soo scary but Mum just laugh laughed at me. Horrible Mum.

Even Molly and Faline got stuffs. Like this little house, I so wanted it too. (See how stupid and moulty Faline look?)

Can you believe Mum didn’t get me ANYTHING. Nothing AT ALL! I beed thinking right then that I might just hate Pepe if Mum gonna play favourites and get him and the rabbit-dogs cool things and not me. Then she went out. Outside without me. I cried for a bit, then barked angrily then was just about to send out an SOS to get yous all to call the RSPCL (Royal society for the protection of cruelty to Ludo’s) When she comed back through the door.

With this.

And…. Even better
Foods! I gots pork loins, ox tail, lamb necks, a whole pig shank to chew on. (carefully) and 3 different fishies

ah, all forgiven Pepe.

Even though changes can be confusing for a young little dog like me, I very glad these ones happened, I can tell Mum be a lot more happier and settled now all the stuffs with OD be over.
~lickies, Ludo

31 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Changes is hard sometimes but you, Mum, Pepe,Grandparents, Aunty Penny and the rabbit-dogs are all together and that is what counts! You will be a nice loving family, I bet.You will have lots of new adventures to write about. I can't wait!Kisses,Stella

  2. Hi, Ludo!Changes are confusing sometimes! But I am sure you will get used to them soon!You all got presents! enjoy them!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  3. w00fs Ludo, it b ok, things cAn b bad at 1st, but then everything iz ok…looks like Pepe iz all settled in now…b safe,~rocky~

  4. Ludo, we hate change!!! Man, that must have been so hard, getting used to the new living area and stuffs and you're right – Faline looks funny without no fur πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. ooooooooooooooooooh – you got that best pressie of all, Ludo! yummmmmmmmmYour mom's new walls look beautiful! The brown is a nice warm color!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  6. Ludo, glad that everything is settling down and that you and Pepe are getting used to each other again. Lovely treats all round for you all.Take careClive

  7. I think you have the best treats of all, Ludo! And it's nice to have a change once in a while, just to keep things and life more interesting!

  8. Pork loins, lamb neck, oxtail, pig shank, fishies, Ludo, believe me, it's well worth putting up with a few changes for a haul like that!Green with envy here,Hamish.

  9. Ludo – you made out pretty good. Pepe got his stuff first because he's new there, and didn't have much – thats all. I like your new room. good changes for all! I am feeling much better. Thanks for asking. your gal, Morgan

  10. Pepe is back? Wow, that is great!And I am glad you got some goodies too. The fishies sound scrumptious!I hope you are done with your OD. I hope we will be with ours soon too.–JB

  11. Oh Ludo – am glad the upheavals seem to be stopping now! What a fantastic dinner you got, though – wow! Pork shank – I've never had that – was it yummy?? I've never had ox-tail either – my human doesn't dare give me the smaller bones in case I choke…Ha! Ha! I laughed so much when you were teling the story of gettign your head stuck in Pepe's new house – my human is like that too – she is always laughing at me when something scary happens but she says that is good, because if she cuddled me instead, I'd turn into a scaredy nervous wreck whereas by laughing at me, she has made my braver. Humph! I like the new look of your human's room – oops, I mean your room! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. What an adventure. Your room moved and then it moved back again and then it smelled funny and then everybody got a pressie but you and then you got yummers meaty bones and then… oh my! You are a busy pup!Slobbers,Mango

  13. O the Ludo… know what NEVER EVER change???THE LOVE OF YOUR MOST SPECIAL MOM.Just sayin. I know just little sumfin bout uncertainty… and certainty.You can also count on…love from the Luke

  14. Sounds like this was good change, not all change is good. One of Dog Dad's favorite quotes came Millard Fillmore, an American President that lived a Grrrzillion Dog Moons Ago. The quote goes "It is not strange…to mistake change for progress."Essex & Deacon

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