I been to the vets

I is very brave. Mum says so.

I had my booster vaccination jab. There beed an emergency come in afore we got there so there be a long wait and efurryone was waiting outside, I met lots of different doggies, one little puppy chihuahua was only as big as Mum’s palm. There also beed a big big ridgeback doggy.

Waiting outside made me forget lots of my nerves. I still snuggled up into mum while the mean old vet man poked and prodded me. The injection not hurt though. I weigh 12.9kg.

Come back tomorrow for Tricky T-day!

~lickies, Ludo

24 thoughts on “I been to the vets

  1. you are a brave doggy…..but it is a good thing those shots because without them you could get very very sick and have to spend lots of time at the vets and that wouldn't be fun!

  2. I am proud of you that you were brave and strong, Ludo!I have to go back to the vet too this month for a jab and to stand on the scale and see if I lost weight. Pretty soon, I will have to do that. Maybe Mom forget,heh, heh, do you spose?Kisses,Stella

  3. w00fs, ouchie Ludo, did Pepe and the rabbit dogs haff to go too..iffin they didnt it not fair and u shooda got a bunch of toys and treats..b safe,~rocky~

  4. You are so brave, Ludo! Can't wait to see your tRicky T-Day post! (you're also very clever – I didn't even think about it being tRicky until you pointed that out to me! I love it!)

  5. You are a very brave boy! The last time Waldo was at the vets there was an emergency, too. Someone had run over their dog with the car!! Thankfully the dog was okay. But the daddee was sooo worried and shaking–kind of like Waldo!We hope your vet had good news with the emergency, too.Did you see Nala there?Wuv,Gus and Waldo

  6. Hi LudoWell done at the Vets – you were very brave. We hope the emergency was OK too!Sorry we are so late with commenting but our silly secretary has been very busy with work this week – just as well our Dad is on holiday or else we would have been abandoned!!!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxx

  7. Ludo,Long time no bark! There's alot of this VET stuff goin around! I went to that bad place last week too and they jabbed me 3 times then stole my blood. They were scared to open my mouth and look at my teeth though so my girl Leah had to do it for the chicken VET. hehehehe – I may be small but I can scare the dawg poop out of humans!Pedro

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