Cap, A tribute

This post about a special doggy what my family loved called Cap.
They only owned Cap for about 3 years but knewed him much longer. He belonged to friends of grandpawents, the man friend beed a vicar and one day after he retired they found they had to move into a flat. Cap was quite old and deaf and very scared of lots of things so they asked my grandpawents if they would look after Cap for them. Of course my grandpawents knew and loved Cap so they said yes right away.

On the 30th of June last year Cap had to be let go to Rainbow Bridge, he beed 14 and a bit we think. His kidney’s not beed working anymore and it beed time to say goodbye to him. We meant to post this on the 30th of June but as my computer beed poorly at the time we could not, so here it be now instead.

Cap had a very eventful life. He started off as a working farm dog and beed from the Cap line of WSD (working sheepdogs) which be very famous good dogs apparently. After some time Cap started not working well, so he was not treated very nicely. He beed left outside tied up with a cart to shelter under and the local children would apparently tease him. (this made Cap very frightened about food).

One day the RSPCA comed and rescued him from the farm and they found that be be going deaf and that why he could not herd sheeps anymore. When he be at the RSPCA our friends founded him and adopted him. Cap went deafer and deafer and had lots of psychological problems, like running off to find sheeps and stuffs and being scared of lots and lots of things and being funny about eating foods.

One day he runned off up the cliff near where we live. It so happen that it be something called ‘foot and mouth’ in this country and so it not be allowed to go find him at all. Cap beed lost for 8 whole weeks when a mountain rescue dog in training found him down a hole. By this time his owners had given up home of ever getting him and so they had adopted my bestest friend Sally too.

The being missing for 8 weeks and surviving down a hole made Cap famous. He got to go in lots of papers and stuff and became quite the celebrity here. We first met him just after that. Here be one of the stories.

When grandpawents owned him Mum helped him to learn some signs, she teached him sit, give paw, lie down, and come. He liked to be stroked lots and lots, especially on his face. He liked cuddles and to eat sweet things.

He got lots better with taking food off peoples and being watched while eating and he liked to be comfy. He never used to play with toys but if Mum got down and pretended to be a doggy he would jump around and play with her like that. He loved Mum lots and she beed sad when she moved out and that he died while she not beed there.

Lucky I got to meet him a couple of weeks afore he died when I beed just a little pup. He beed very nice to me.

Oh yes, he liked to eat bunny poo!

Bye, bye Cap. Hopes you having fun at Rainbow Bridge and showing all my DWB friends what has gone that way all the nice things there be to do there.
~lickies, Ludo

25 thoughts on “Cap, A tribute

  1. o great you made mama have leaky eyes… she does that a lot reading these doggy bloggys. Cap is a trooper that's for sure, he deserved to be maded famous before hims went to the Rainbow Bridge.. Mama is trying to stop w/the leaky eyes but keeps sniffling.. I'll try to make her knock it offs..Bell girl

  2. Oh goodness, Cap was a handsome fella!!! And what adventures he has had…although not all good. I am so glad he found happiness and love!! And rabbit poo!!!Mya Boo Boo

  3. Oh goodness, Cap was a handsome fella!!! And what adventures he has had…although not all good. I am so glad he found happiness and love!! And rabbit poo!!!Mya Boo Boo

  4. Cap is one of those rare and wonderful dogs, and if you have known him, you have been privileged.I am so happy you wrote this great tribute to him, and that we could know what a truly brave dog he was.Kisses,Stella

  5. Awwwwwwwwww….what a lovely post for Cap dear Ludo!!!Sure he was a wonderful and sweet dog…we love the picture with you sleeping with him….very very very cute!!!!!Sure he was a very very very special friend for you and your family!!!Run free sweet Cap….see you on the rainbow bridge!!!Bye bye

  6. Cap must have been pawsome. Essex knows what you mean about knowing someone for only a short while. It reminder her of Foxy.We are sure Cap is in a good place. Essex & Deacon

  7. what a wonderful, touching story. That's a great tribute to Cap. YOu're lucky to have met him briefly!Licks and wagsTuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

  8. A lovely tribute to Cap, Ludo. He sounds like he was one special dog. We loved the picture of you all curled up with him as a puppy.We are glad he was so loved in life and remembered fondly now that he has gone.What more can any of us ask and kissesmartha & bailey xxx

  9. We are so glad you were able to have Cap in your life. He was special (especially since he liked to eat rabbit poo!)Lots of treats,Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  10. Cap was a great dog! He liked pillows, just like Katie. I bet he's herding sheep right now! So nice of you to remember him like this.

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