Tricky T-day Catch up and TCT!

About time I catched up with Tricky T-day huh?

Here a list of efurryone who done playings so far, with a little thingy on what they beed learning. I updating my side bar too, let me know if I missed anyone.

tRicky Ricky has beed playing and has some great videos up! Including tricks and agilities. Has a look at his first page for some great links to places to get trick ideas from. I currently learning one of Ricky’s tricks, going backwards through Mum’s legs.

Honey has posted lots of great videos, not only of her pawsome tricks, but also of how to learn clicker training. She and Hsin-yi be the bestest teachers and Honey a great inspiration to any dog who thinks they casnot do learnings. Honey has a Tricky T-day badge you can use too. If you want to link to Trick-T-day even if you not taking part you can use anyone of out badges.

Oreo and Misty be so very good at doing tricks! They has posted some very clever paw based tricks, not to mention all the others and learn something new nearly everyday it seem. They also has very fun videos to watch!

Mason Dixie posted a video of her catching her treats and a wooftastic video of her diving trick. So athletic! Such natural ability and something I cannot do at all! I too scared!

Khyra has played too. Check out her catching skills! Khyra’s trick really show the great thing about tricks, treats! Haroo!

Last, but very not least! The pretty Katie has beed posting about how she getting on with her paw tricks. Katie a very good obedience dog, so that a good trick in itself. I casnot wait to hear more on your tricks Katie!

I thinks that efurryone, please let me know if I missed you. Also, if anycritter wants a badge like mine or Oreo’s or Honey’s made please do peemailings to

Now we all getting the hang of things I is thinking of spicing things up a bit. This month, in addition to any tricks you already working on you might like to try something called free timing. This basically just a trick with an object. In free timing you supposed to just come up with your own trick. It very good cos to start with you just get rewarded for everything. I will post a video tuesday to show what I mean. It easier to start with a box. Even if you does not do free timing you can still post a trick that you can do with an object. Any object you likes.

At the end of the month I will send a goody bag to my favourite object trick and you can be trickster of the month and choose the next kind of trick for us to all work on. Have fun efurryone!

Don’t forget, if you add a tricky t-day label to your tricky t-day posts I can link right to them.

Oh yes! Cats can do tricks too. Pepe can do a sit, but that cat not Pepe.

Now for True colours thursday!
I missed quite a few of these! Today be Navy, here what I found out on my walk.

Lickies, Ludo

oh! Pee ess!
I got this very nifty award from Dennis while I beed away.

It meaned a very lot to me and Mum, thanks so much Dennis and Dada!


27 thoughts on “Tricky T-day Catch up and TCT!

  1. Thanks for sharing all those great tricks! I´m so behind with blogging and tricks.Congrats on your award, Ludo!xoxo,Thor

  2. Thanks for all the trickster sites to go see. I loved the cat that could do all the dog tricks, very cute!Its going to be fun to see where Tricky T day goes!Kisses,Stella

  3. Great post about Tricky T-Day, Ludo! We are having fun doing it! Good idea about the free time – I am not clicker trained so sometimes I get really nervous if I am not sure what I am supposed to do. But we might try a little free time if I feel brave enough!

  4. Can't wait to hear more about this "free timing"….sounds like fun.We are having fun playing tricky t-day, and are inspired by all the other dogs too! There are some great ideas out there!

  5. Hi LudoIt was nice to meet you Tricky T gang.Good work with the colours – we liked seeing the flowers especially.We will look forward to seeing all the tricks.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  6. We are really enjoying seeing all Tricky posts from everyone. We are amazed at how much pups can learn. You are so right about Honey and his mom – they are so good at teaching us how to do things.woos, the OP Pack

  7. I can be tricky too, I am sure I can!You have a lot of tricky friends. Sorry we are so behind in blogging. Hopefully when our house sells next week, things will get easier for my mom.–JB

  8. Oh Ludo, this is brilliant! I'm so looking forward to visiting all the other Tricky doggies! And I'm so proud to be a member of the Tricky T Gang!!! What a great idea of yours to start this whole thing…thank you!Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. ooooh, we just LOVED that video of the cat doing tricks…just wonderful!!

  9. We only know a couple tricks. Dad's favorite is the fact we come running when he whistles the Lassie tune. People know it is the Lassie tune too. Dad is a real good whistler, if whistles another tune like taps or the song about the white cliffs of Dover, we don't come. We only come to the Lassie tune. BOL.Essex & Deacon

  10. Oh Ludo, Katie and I are SOOOOO behind in our tricks, and my book of instructions still hasn't come from the library. I may need to go buy a book! I have never used a clicker to train. Do you think it would help? Thanks for posting the pretty picture of Katie!

  11. My, my you & your friends are clever with all these tricks.Neat navy post too – particularly liked the Passion Flower and of course you on the navy looking pebbles.Love, pats & petsBlue

  12. Ares does some tricks, but he is still learning. At four months, it's coming along nicely. I'll have to see about taping it for Thursdays to show you.

  13. Hi LudoWe loved catching up on all the Tricky T-days posts.Well done on the navy post too and on your award.Have a good weekendClive

  14. Woowowowooooo!!What a great post sweet Ludo!!!How many wonderful blog with lots of special dogs and tricks!!!!Thanks for sharing!!!!And we love your phoyos on the rocks….you look soooo gorgeous!!!and you have a cute smile!!!So your mommy loves Mila????She's sooooo cute and happy!!!!Why your mommy dont give you another sister????Wawwawawaaaaaaa!!!!,-)))))))))Have a wonderful weekend dear Ludo!!! We love you a lot!!!Sweet kisses and licks!!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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