Pork shank – for Honey

If yous has squeamish pawrents/secretaries they might not want to look at this post.

Honey said she has never had pork shank afore, well neither had I. But I hopes I get it again! This lasted me a whole day and a half, with still some left on it, but it would probably not last that long for Honey. BOL!

I had it for my dinner, yous all thought that meats Mum brought home was treats, but it just my foods.

Anyway, here what I thought of the pork shank.

Gotta get the right angle for the teeths to work best.


Pepe got some. He chew it with his gums.

Auntie Penny wented on strike and would not eat her kibbles. She sat and whined and whined at Mum to say ‘can i have one too.’

No you casnot Auntie Penny!
Mum tried to give it to her. When she thought I had enough on the first day. But I showed Penny my very mean teeth and when Mum wouldn’t let me get my own back I made nasty faces and annoyed noises!

When I had it again the next morning when I’d had enough I went outside to lay in the sun and then I let Auntie Penny has a chew on it. At first she beed afraid I would do tellings off of her again but Mum said it ok, so she had a good chew. Then she tried to go hide it so it got throwed away. 😦

Not a bad technique for a beginner!

Mum say I has to post this to show you me being mean and very bad. But it show how very much I want it! When Mum make me sit down she pretends she gonna take my food from me. 😦 This beed when I first gotted it, the piccures above from after that and the next day. I calmed down about my delicious shank by then.

~lickies, Ludo

23 thoughts on “Pork shank – for Honey

  1. Ludo! I'm shocked! I can't believe you made the ugly face at your mum! You're lucky she only pretended to take the shank away from you! I bet it tasted really good though! I'll never know – my mom is too squeamish to give me anything as good as that!

  2. Ricky, she only pretended to take it cos she not be sure if I made mean teeths at her or at Pepe who beed right by her. Otherwise I woulda had to go time out in the bathroom.

  3. Ludo, you're funny. How many time outs do you generally get in one day? :0!Looked yummy, but I don't think Katie has a big enough stomach for all that food! She leaves have her kibble in her bowl every day and finishes it later, a big piece of meat like that would overwhelm her I think!

  4. I liked seeing your mean face! Every dog has one, and occassionally has to use it. I didn't see Misty's mean face until Oreo came into our house! Now she uses it all the time to put the bad boy in his place.You are a lucky dog! Good for you for protecting what is rightfully yours. I mean, you are the one doing all the tricks and stuff! You deserve a good reward every now and then!It was very nice of you to share with Penny once you were all done though. Nice gesture!

  5. You were very bad to make ugly face at your mom, but I can understand and then you did sit, so you were OK, right? I would love one of those porker things.Momma is always taking my recreational bones from me to test me. It makes me grouchy, but I let her.Slobbers,Mango

  6. In this household, we just loved the pictures. (Luckily Gail's grandfather and uncle were both butchers, so she is not at all squeamish about meat). But poor old Auntie Penny. I can't imagine having to eat kibble when that amazingly delicious looking pork shank was around! Happy chewing!Cheers, H.

  7. does that mean there is a 3 legged piggy running around now? BOL. It sure did look good….did you do the carrying it around and whining noises too…I do that when I have a bone and want to bury it somewhere.

  8. That was a little rude, Ludo, but I know how it is with dogs and fresh meat! My Mom would like to feed me raw meat but she is just unsure about it all.Aunty Penny is looking beautiful. When she was first shown on your blog she looked older and not so shiney and pretty. You tell her for me, will you, Ludo?So, lighten up a little at mealtime!Kisses,Stella

  9. Hi, Ludo!What a mean face! I have never had a pork shank in my life but I think I'd do the same if I felt someone is going to take it from me!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  10. Oh Ludo, you're such a naughty dog, making the ugly face at your mum 🙂 That pork shank looks yummy yummy yummy just like the new cannon bone that Mum got us yesterday.

  11. Hi LudoWe are glad you enjoyed your shank – we have just read your post and looked at the pictures and vowed to become vegetarian!!We did think that was a nasty face you made at your mum – obviously this raw diet is bringing out the animal in you!!!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxPS dont worry about Martha – she will be home and being an ordinary basset in no time! See you at the wedding.

  12. OH MY GOD, LUDO!!!!!!!!! That is the YUMMIEST thing I've ever seen!!!! I am insisting that my human go out NOW to look for a pork shank for ME!!!!Thank you for specially doing a post to show me…although I must say, I'm drooling so much watching you eat that I'm sitting in a puddle…Oooh, and I can't believe you made that mean face! You who are always smiling! Actually, I also once showed my teeth to my kitty sister, Lemon, last year when she came too close to me while I was munching a yummy bone and my God, my human walloped me! Well, OK, she would never hit me but she used The Scary Voice and I get really scared when she uses That Voice – she then took my bone away and let Lemon sniff all over it, while I had to sit by and watch…ooh, so unfair! But she is always insisting that Lemon is Above Me In The Pack Order and there is nothing I can do about that! (in fact, it seems like everyone in the house is above me in the pack order – humph!) Anyway, I got my bone back after that and didn't dare even give Lemon a dirty look (although I was thinking lots of dirty thoughts! Hee! Hee!) Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  13. Oh I am glad you didn't mean to be mean, those teeth are realy mean looking, I was all of a shiver when I saw them. I wouldn't have wanted to be your lovely pusscat so close to you.. Glad you enjoyed though.. Hugs GJ xxx

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