Tricky T-day

For this bunch of tricky T-days I has suggested you work on tricks involving objects. I said I would post about free timing as a way of coming up with the tricks, so here you go.

Free timing where you gets to come up with your own tricks, it really give the brain a good workout but gets you lots of treats. At first it can be a bit confusing but I bet you’ll all get the hang of it, then you get to feel really clever!

That me doing some free timing with an ironing board.
It easiest to start off with a box, but since I do quite a bit of free timing Mum had to try and find objects I had not used afore.

Here another one with some sort of foamy thing we found in the shed.

It kinda harder for your person to do this, because it make them practice their patient skills while they wait for you to figure things out, and decide what they want to reward (called shaping) into a trick.

Once your person has seed a behaviour they think would make a good trick, or start of trick they should stop clicking for anything else you do and click for just the thing they liked. This can be the frustrating bit for you as you might be thinking, like I do, ‘Hey Mum! I did something then, where my treat be?’ if it take you a while to repeat the behaviour your person should give you extra treats so it make you wanna repeat it again and again. Once you done the same thing about 5 times your person can finally say something. They can say whatever word they want the trick to be till you understand. It may take a few sessions/days to get the the stage where you have a trick, but it worth it! If the trick be something like my back leg lift you can transfer it to other objects, or no objects too!

As far as me and Mum can tell there two main ways to learn tricks. One be called capturing and one be called luring. Free timing be a capturing kind, apparently we dogs hold the learnings in our heads better when we learn through capturing, I guesses because it be a more natural thing for us to do and also we has learned it ourselves. As you can see from the video I really likes my back leg tricks, which we captured doing sorta free timing with a book, you can see that in a past tricky T-day. Luring be where you is coaxed into doing a certain thing, for my tricks we mostly use a mixture of capturing and luring.

Here some more videos of things that could (and sometimes have) be learned through capturing during free timing.

My bubbles trick

Some stuff from free timing with a box when I beed little and living in our old house.

Stuff on a sweet tin.


Does not be forgetting the competition part. I will pick my favourite object based trick from a months worth of posting (To give you time to figure one out. You don’t have to use free timing to get it either) and you will get a cool goody bag. In it will be This book staring my Auntie. Some of my favourite tricky treats, some other tricky tools and some fun stuffs. So I hope you all play and that can be some incentive for you.

~lickies, Ludo

oh, pee ess: We has just realised that actually, it be tuesday today, not yesterday when this be posted. I think that Dotty hen thing Mango’s Momma has be catching through the internets. Lock up your Mum’s!


24 thoughts on “Tricky T-day

  1. Great videos Ludo!We do a lot more luring than capturing. Although, now that we are using our clicker all the time, we can start to do more "capturing" and "shaping".We'll try out free timing this week, now that we know what it is.I've been trying to get Oreo to do your "trapeze", and he's having a tough time. Maybe we shuld try a lower object, like your tin.

  2. Ludo, you are soooo clever! Our mum wondered if you could perhaps do the ironing when you are using the ironing board?It is OK we told her not to be so silly, you are very clever, but you are not going to do boring ironing.Your videos were great!We have also been watching Honey's video on the clicker training – we haven't actually tried it but our mum is impressed.loveMartha & Bailey xxxx

  3. Ooh, Ludo – I LOVED this post!! You explained the free-timing thing so well. I love doing free-timing because I get lots of treats and I get really excited trying to work out what gets me the click…and Hsin-Yi loves it because she says she likes to see me thinking. Like in your videos – we could almost see little thought bubbles coming out of your head – hee! hee!You are so clever to come up with so many tricks by yourself! I love the one where you put your back legs up on something…I must try and learn that one next! I am not so imaginative as you and I only try a few things (like paw it and pick it up) and if those don't get a click, I sort of stop trying and just lie down! πŸ™‚ Hsin-Yi says that's the problem with a mellow, dopey breed and something called "lack of work drive"…I just think, why try so hard when you could have a nap instead? But I have managed to learn a few things with free time and Hsin-Yi thinks we ought to do more of it…just I'm always so busy learning steps and moves which can be used in a dance routine and so don't have so much time to learn useful stuff with objects! (and my humans discourage me from putting my mouth on things coz everything get slimey and slobbery) Also, it's a bit hard to find things big enough and sturdy enough for me to stand on in the house, especially as I am not allowed on furniture.But we will do our best for your challenge! Will get onto it next week after our competition is over!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. Ludo you are so good at free timing! I love how you put your back feet up on that foam thingy! And "mope" is a really cute trick! You have inspired me to give free timing a try! Thanks for showing how to do it!

  5. Oh Ludo, you had me laughing out loud again. It is true we could see you thinking! Thank you for explaining the free timing so well. We will try that! Also I can see that I need to buy a clicker. Where do you buy a clicker I wonder?

  6. Ludo, you really did a good lesson on this Tricky T day! It makes my Mom think maybe I might be willing to learn some things like you.Kisses,Stella

  7. Ludo,Is that what momma is trying to do? She put a box on the ground and then sat down with the clicker and I did all the tricks I knew, but I never got to hear the click. OK, once when I looked at the box, but that was it.We will need to try again.Kisses,Dexter

  8. Super cool tricks Ludo and great explanation of shaping! I have to admit I get a little frustrated with shaping, but Mum's helping me get better at it πŸ™‚ Woofs, Johann

  9. Ludo,Great tricks! Thanks for sharing the videos. My best trick is looking cute for my mom. She can't resist me when I give her the puppy eyes. hahahaha!Pedro

  10. It is the same over here in the USA…I can be registered as a pedigree which I am πŸ™‚ and I can do agility – but I can not be a show dog because of my coloring. In my opinion it is discrimination but I guess I understand – I be so cute I would win everything BOL !!!!!

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