WW- rock-in’ videos

pee ess: Another pun just for Ammy.


25 thoughts on “WW- rock-in’ videos

  1. Ah, Ludo, thank you for the nice comments you wrote on my blog. I have loved you like my dearest little brother since I first met you. I am so proud of how smart you are and what a nice man-doggy you are becoming. Happy to be part of your family! You looked beautiful out on those big rocks! I would love to come and visit you by the Irish sea someday!Kisses, Stella

  2. You be Ludo – The Rock Climbing dog!!! That looked like lots of fun…I wish we had some nice rocks like that to climb over – but you better watch out sticking your nose in those cracks….you could get attacked by crabs!!!

  3. Hi LudoGreat rock climbing skills! No sign of any abseiling equipment either and you went up high.We were sooo impressed that when your mum whistled you came immediately – we would never do that! We come eventually but we are not as good as you.Nice seeing the coast as always.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  4. Wow Ludo! Look at you climbing on those rocks! No wonder you are so good at agility – you're just a natural talent! I am sorry your mum keeps calling you and making you do tricks and stuff – you should just be allowed to climb and have fun out there!!! I can totally relate to how you wanted to finish sniffing when she so rudely interrupted you – happens to me all the time – LOL!

  5. Hee hee hee! Oh, Ludo! You're so funny! "Rock-in' videos"! I love that!And you look SO cool climbing around those huge rocks! You look like a movie star pup! So handsome and strong!!!Great post!Love,Ammy

  6. wow! great videos ludo! Thanks for sharing! What nice rocks to go exploring! Licks and wagsTuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

  7. Oh my God, Ludo – we are so alike!! I also can't find the treats if my human throws them at me…she says I have no sense of smell whatsoever…and I also scare my human by trying to jump down from high places!That whistle trick is very cool – my human thinks she might teach that to me too. How did you learn to come when you heard the whistle? You're so prompt!! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  8. Hi Ludo One day I am going to do a post about how dogs identify rocks (it's all to do with the feel of the stone on one's paws). Perhaps you would like ot be my field assistant?Cheers, H.

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