Scary chokings

I had a very scary sleeping time last-night-this-morning.
I woke up and couldn’t breathe! I had to cough and cough and gasp and Mum stroked my throat to try and calm me down.

I thought it beed some scary monster, but Mum say she think I just twisted funny in my sleep and got my collar to dig into my breathing box. Normally I gets my collar taken off at night, or if I left alone, but Mum had a busy day at work and so forgot. She felt very bad and I made sure she felt very sorry for me because I snuggled right very close into her and if she moved even an inch I moved too. If she stopped cuddling me I did lickings of her in a very sadsad way.

For a while I thought I beed a goner there. 😦

I thought I should post this in case the same happen to you so you know it not a scary monster.

~lickies, Ludo

Oh yes, and incase anyone think otherwise, not it not just beed a bad dream caused by too much drink at this weekends nuptials. Though Mum think it *might* have caused my overreaction. What overreaction!

Go say congratulations to the very happy couple if you hasn’t already. Doesn’t they look so furry happy! (pic by Petey)


29 thoughts on “Scary chokings

  1. Oh Ludo! I am so sorry you had such a scare in the nightime! That has never happened to me so I can't say more about it, but I might start to take my collar off at night, like you do. Do you sleep with your head on a pillow? That might be good to try.I am very happy that you survived this choking experience because you are one of my most favorite boys.Kisses, StellaPS I am going to look for wedding pix, Petey and Rosie look beautiful!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sweet Ludo!!!!We're sooooooooooooooo sorry you had that scary experience in the nightime!!!But we're happy that isn't a monster night!!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeeeee……remember to your mommy to take off your collar in the night…..Sure your mom haven't had guilt…when our humans are very tired sometimes they do wrong actions like us!!!!!!sure she'll be very mortified!!!Poor mommy!!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeeee…..reassure her…..she loves you more than her life!!!!!That is been a very choking experience for you and your mommy but now is all ok and we're very happy!!!!!We love you a lot!!!!!have a great sunday!!!Lots of love and kisses!!!!

  3. You sleep nekked? I need to try that. My furs are all flat from my collar. That was kind of scary. I am glad you are OK.Slobbers,Mango

  4. OH my Ludo – I have choked like that too. So much so, I only wear a harness now. Linda the vet says I have a touch of tracheal collapse! My harness hooks in the front – it's called an easy -walk harness. If u go on line you can get pink, but u probably don't want a pink one. Any, how, even if I pull real hard there is no pushing on my neck. Morgan

  5. Oh poor you, I am sorry you had such a scare sweety. Glad you have been getting lots of cuddles and love from mum to make up for it. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Oh nooo Ludo! I hope that doesn't happen again! That must have scared you AND your Mom! Katie has never had that experience, except when she sees a squirrel and she's on her leash and she pulls too hard. Never at night though. I will keep watch now that you bring it up. I am soooo glad you are OK!

  7. Oh Ludo! That is so scary! Not being able to breathe is awful! Make sure you sleep naked from now on! No more scares for your mom!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  8. Scary chokings is bad. I had a scratchy sore throat from chewing on a branch and was doing that choking thing….mom took me straight to the vets and they found a splinter of wood in my throat – lucky she got it out with some long tweezers. I learnt my lesson though, I haven't chewed on that tree again!!!

  9. Gosh Ludo what a frightening experience! I am so relieved that you're OK. I always go to bed wearing my collar and tag on, but I might have to ask Gail to review my sleepwear now…Cheers! H.

  10. Ludo, I am glad you're okay. I had a scawie chocking incident last evening too. It went on for hours & hours & I couldn't sleep till the next morning because I think the rawhide that I ate in the afternoon got stuck in my throat & I was gulping, licking my lips & gasping for air all the time. It was painful & alot of my tears came down. Thank DOG today, it has gone down but I can still feel the slight pain. My pupperet Lara also was chocking on it the night before from eating the same rawhide. It too was bad & it went on for hours. Mommy tried everything she could for both of us by giving us rice, bread, a syringe of pure yucky olive oil, putting her two fingers down our throat till we threw up. Some pieces came out but still, there was something in our throats but we are better now. Our hoomies said, NO MORE rawhides anymore!Anyway, please do come over to my blog & vote for the short film I acted in called FLASHES!!!! Thank you!Smoochies,"Famous" Solid Gold Actress

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