spending monies

That what we been doing alll day.
I thinks Mum decided that she had too much monies, cos she been spending lots of it today which she never usually does cos she saving up for us to move out and get a car but she said she felt like it today.

We wented into town and I got to choose me and Auntie Penny a treat each.

Auntie Penny always likes to wander around and show everyone what she’s got before she eats it. She strange like that. Wasn’t it nice of me to pick her a bigger treat than my own. I picked it by saying no I did not want one when Mum picked it up, so she said ok Penny can has that and I picked myself out a pigs ear instead. I started eating mine in the car.

Here everything else we bought.

Except the cup of tea, although we did get the mug.

I GI Joe doggy! The petshop had all these new tough toys for dogs and cats. Mum got me this. Cool huh?

I got a new car harness too, my old one doesnot fit me anymore. I does not like my car harnesses.

Pepe got a toy too, but he didn’t feel like playing.

He did feel like eating one of MY dog treats though! That a big tub full of antos bones, I likes them for clicker training, Mum be mean and breaks them up though.

Oh yes, on my car harness and my antos was this dog.

Do it look like the same one to you?

Sorry I has not beed round to many blogs, I been peeking looks but not commenting much, Mum been busy working and then shopping, she got new furs for herself. Then she been playing at making stuffs for people. Like her, I not allowed to keep her though.

~lickies, Ludo


25 thoughts on “spending monies

  1. Looks as though your mum has been very busy spending money. Mum says that is a favourite pastime. Glad you got lots of goodies and glad you shared with the kitty.My mum loved that toy and said your mum is very clever to make that. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Sometimes you just have to splurge! Looks like you had a grand time!Oreo has a new car harness too. He learned how to squirm his way out of his old one in two seconds flat. His new one is like a straightjacket! LOL. You think yours is bad Ludo? You have no idea how bad it could be!Glad your mum got some stuff for herself too. There is something special about drinking out of a new mug, isn't there?

  3. We're going to the doggy-store today too!!!! But our mom sayd we might just be going to "look"…I think it is as hard for her to just look as it is for us! But she promises we're going to get some WICKED AWESOME (New England Sheltie slang…) things next month for our camping trip. Thats why shes got to save up her monies…Hope you enjoyed your pigs ear! (we're going to chew some cow-tails when we get home!)Sheltie-Hugs,Heidi, Shelby and Sheltie-Mom Jenn

  4. Great shopping trip! We went to the dog-store today too, but we didn't buy anything. I was just using it as a place to walk around cause it was raining here, to get her tired because she's been whiny all day. Your mom is very talented to make that dog toy!!

  5. You all deserve all those treats, and I love Mom's cute homemade doggie.I like to see Aunty Penny get nice stuff too. I have a big bone like that but I carry it straight out and Mom says it looks like a cigar!Pepe is like Ali Z she will probably wake you up when you are sleeping tonight by tossing her kitty toy around!Kisses,Stella

  6. w00fs, how cute the doggy iz…sumtimes mama says hoomans just gotta play outside the box..and have aq little fun outta life…and spending monies iz fun..b safe,~rocky~

  7. Hi, Ludo!Spending monies is the best way to spend a day!Glad you mom got all those things and yummy treats for you all!Enjoy them!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  8. Ludo – what a bonanza. You are so lucky having such a generous Mum who likes to spend money shopping for lots of stuff for you. Contrast this with my latest post, where I had to go out hunting for free food for Gail, and we didn't even end up with anything I like!!Cheers, and very envious Hamish.

  9. Jackpot!Big Pupi and I HATE our harnesses too. And our folks don't know why. It always means we're about to have fun!Enjoy all of your treats and fancy new stuffies. Isn't it great to be spoiled?

  10. OH Ludo, such pawesome new things you got!! I love it when the humans decide to spend monies…..especially on me! Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

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