For friends,

Today I has to do stuffs for friends.

This beautiful Lady needs you to go submit photos for her 200th post. Don’t make me has to send my killer rabbits round to you!

This be me, wearing my T-shirt for Phantom, see it has health on it, it one of Mum’s oldest T-shirts, her cousin who a people doctor gived it to her, so it must be healthy.

I gots a parcel today from my good buddy Reilly for playing in his Pee mail contest. Mum beed especially pleased with her little scrapbook part of the prize, I has commanded her to get started on it ASAP. She very excited, but I has to warn Bree she might becoming for advices. BOL.

Here a video of what I got. Those treats does look very yummy, but I very fussy about things that smell strong like these do, so i will not eat them yet, Auntie Penny thinks they the best thing ever though!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Come back tomorrow for a special day!

pee pee ess: Mum has made her own blog for her doggy things if you wants to see them, so’s she can stop stealing mine. It here. It not so cool as mine, obviously cos no piccures of me, and no pretty background.


16 thoughts on “For friends,

  1. Woo, Ludo! Oh, we have enough rabbits here – we'll go see her, OK? Ha woooo!Hey! Zim and I posted a trick today – make sure you check it out! We worked really hard on it.Luv,Dave

  2. Awwwwwwwww dear Ludooooo!!!!You look sooooooooo cute and gorgeous of course wearing your t-shirt to support Phantom!!!!!What a great friend you are!!!!!!And what a wonderful pressies you got from your friend!!!!You deserve all that wonderful gifts because you're very very special!!!!And…Woowowowooo!!!We LOVE your new mommy's blog!!!!Sure we'll buy from her lots of things!!!!!CONGRATS Ludo's mommy!!!But……….POOR MILA!!!!!!Her life will be without you!!!!!!!!Sigh sigh sigh!!!!!Ludoooooooooo….try to convince your mommy to give you a new sister!!!!;-))))))))))))))She needs youuuuuuuuuuu!!!Wawawawawawaaaaaaa!!!!!Sure she'll be very very very lucky to find a family like yours!!!!HAve a great day dear friends!!!!WE LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!!!

  3. Wow Ludo….thanks for all the news, we feel like we've been missing so much! So Miss Kylie's 200th post is coming up? And we didn't know Phantom was poorly either….we'll go straight there.Thanks for coming to the wedding you growed up mandog you, looking dashing in your kilt!Have a great weekend :DSlobbers xx

  4. Hey Ludo, we are so sorry we didn't see this earlier. You are so nice to wear your shirt for Phantom. He is very happy to report that he got to go shirtless overnight and hasn't had to wear his shirt at all today. Thanks for your support.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. We is so glad you got your package. Mom wasn't sure if you would like the venison – she says it smells rather garlicky (what ever that is) but that is my favorites. I hope you have fun with your tuggy toy…..those are very good to help keep the toothy pegs clean and you get that nice minty fresh breath too.

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