It my Blogaversary!

Did anypup see that little countdown I had right at the bottom of the page? Well, it ranned out today. So today be my official 1 year blogaversary! We very suprised, it gone so quick.

Mum and me decided to start this blog to track my growing up, we only meant to do it till I becomed a big grown up man dog but meeting all you has made it so much more than that. Now we has many friends and a wider connection to the dog community as a whole and I think it would take something very big to make us stop now.

We started the blog when I beed 15 weeks old, back then I thought that be a very lot, but now I realise that it not that much really. Here an extract from my first post.

I Ludo the puppy. But sometimes I called Ludwig van puppy. Usely that when I do something called be noughty, but I don’t know what that be. Sometimes happen when I try eat something yummy. Sometime when I try play with Pepecat too much. […]

I the only puppy living in this whole house. But there are other growd up dogs of lots of kinds. There are Pepe the cat dog, he sometimes doesn’t like me when I am trying to play with him. 😦 Then there are lots of rabbitdogs. These are like a little kind of growd up dog that don’t smell like dogs really and they like to run around a lot and eat carrits and hay and all-en and pages. So they must be dogs cos I like to eat those things too.”

I still do!

As you can see I has got a lot better at human language the older I got, or maybe Mum has just got better at interpreting it.

There a mushy bit after this main post, which you doesn’t have to read, but Mum wanted to say it.

Mum made a video of our year. BOL! We meant to do something like this for my gotcha day, but missed it, so here it be now. Hopes you like it!

To celebrate my blogaversary I would like to give something to you all, sadly, there too many of you, but I will run a competition alongside the tricky T-day one, called ‘Not the tricky T-day’ I will tell more about that in the next post, but I will announce the winner on my 200th post, in 30 posts time, so I better get posting huh?! I is doing some different posts between then and now bout my blogging year and stuffs like that.

I gonna combine the celebration of my blogaversary AND my 200th post by hasing a tour of England pawwtee on my 200th post. Please let me know if you would like to attend! I will drag some of you there even if you don’t RSVP. peemail me at

So for now… Happy blogaversary to meeeeee Harrrrufffffruffruff!

~Lickies, Ludo

Click here to Comment now and avoid the mush!

Now for the mushy part! This mostly from Mum, cos obviously I a growed up man dog, not a soppy puppy dog no more!

Some of you know that Mum and me went through a bit of a hard time when I was about 6 months old. We lived with my old Daddy till then (Mum for much longer) and we sadly had to change and go live with my grandpawents (where we be now) when he decided that we should. Lots of you has given Mum words of encouragement whilst she found these changes very tough (I coped very well, of course) and we wanted to thank you and your pawents from the bottom of our hearts for every little thing you’ve all said. Even the smallest word helped her through and she doing so much better now. It sound really stupid but Mum whispered to me that having the blog kept her part of the outside world when all she wanted to do was shut it out and that having me bossing her about and posting kept her safe from that, for the most part.

I also has some special Thank you’s to give out to some pups who I feels has helped me get to this one year bloggy mark. Most of them friends I had nearly since I first be blogging when I not get many visitors, so I hopes nopup be upset that they not on the list. Mum’s fingers can only type so much ya know. Lucky I didn’t have many friends back then! BOL!

Note from Mum, I know this is cheesey, and is kinda like an oscar speech or something, but I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. I notice so much in life that people think their actions are unappreciated or their words go unheeded, but for myself, sometimes the smallest kindness will stay with me forever and guide me through hard times. I really don’t think we tell people enough when they’ve given us a moment like that. We tell other people, years later, but what good is that to the one who said it? Maybe by not knowing, they’ll stop offering their wisdom and I think that would be a big loss, so, whenever possible, I like to show where someone has left a mark on me. You may not even remember or know something that you’ve said through your furkids, but I do. 🙂

First one go to Stella: Stella remind me that you should always be sweet and nice to others and has teached me lots of things about being a growed up dog with her words of support and encouragement. She one of my very best blog friends.

Ao4 next, especially Dave and Zim. They always teach me so much when they post and give me such good advices on life, if ever I has a puzzlement about something they my first place to go.

Reilly: Another wise pup, but not afraid to admit when he scared! hehe, He gived some great advice about Mum taking me to lots of interesting places when we first found ourselves on our own, we listened and it helped!

Essex and Deacon: You two has been my furfriends almost since I started the blog and you always gives us very interesting learnings when you post and very sensible comments which I always take to heart. You also helped Mum make me sheltie cookies!

Simba: Your Mum shared how she felt when she went through big sads and that meant a lot to Mum. You were also one of my very first visitors that still visits now!

Josh and Jessie: You two beed the first other shelties from another country I ever seed! I liked seeing you play together and see how the same, but different we is. In fact, I’ll list all my sheltie buds under here too.

of course Morgan, my beautiful gal! My first date as a growed up Pup! You always look out for me and spur me on by being blunt and honest BOL, but most of all by being fun and very concerned and caring.

Miss Kylie, A beautiful girl who always does stuff for others, even when she on hard times herself, she very inspiring indeed.

Last one: Khyra: I has not knowed you as long as some of the pups on this list but you has always been very kind, you be the pawfect connection to the rest of the blog world and your Mum has had some good words for mine.

Of course, I could go on and on and on and on and each one of my friends be very special to me, so this award for all the above and everyone, pleasewhineyippplease do take it! Feel free to pass it on out to whoefur you like too!
~All done mushing!


37 thoughts on “It my Blogaversary!

  1. Oh Ludo, we LOVE you!Congratulations on your blogaversary! You've inspired us to learn so many new things, and we enjoy watching you go on all your fabulous adventures through life.

  2. To Ludo and Dee: Thank you so much for the kind words. I always think I get more joy and pleasure from Ludo than anything else. I am like him, in that I have a short fuse and when he gets ticked at something, it just makes me laugh!He has been a bright spot in my first year of blogging and I hope we remain special friends. Ludo once told me we were like family and thats the way we like it!And Ludo, if you want more advice from Stella, feel free to get mushy, its good for you!Here is to a happy new year of blogging!Love and hugs,Stella and her Mom, Jo

  3. Ludo I stayed to the end because I like mush.. I think you are so cute.. For a woofie that is.. I would love for you to visit while in England.. dont miss me out. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Ahhhhh!I'm a Siberian HUSKY…nothing wrong with MUSH!Khongrats on your 1st Blogaversary!We'll khome bakhk and watch the video later – it has stopped raining and I need to take my mom fur her walk!It is furry nice to know woo!Woo have grown up to be a furry nice man dog – but woo will always be able to be a puppy anytime woo want!Hugz&Khysses to woo and YOUR mum!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: I'd love to khome 'khross The Pond…maybe I khould chase GJ around!

  5. The mushy part was the best bit!! :-)Oh Ludo – we haven't known you for so long but we are so glad to have become your friend. Your posts always bring a smile to our faces (and we think the way you speak is ADORABLE!!!) and you're always bringing such fun ideas to the blog world. We weren't here when your "big sads" happened – we only knew about it when you mentioned it in passing afterwards – but we thought your human was so brave and were so touched that she shared her feelings and thoughts so honestly. Happy Blogaversary and looking forward to many more happy posts together!Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane

  6. Happy Blogoversary, Ludo!And to your mom — Jan's been through very rough times, just as so many others have, and you're right, even a few words can help make a difference. We're glad you made so many caring friends. And you'll meet many more.

  7. w00fs, u izz one cool big doggie Ludo..congrats on ur bloggieversary..sumtimes we all need a little helping paw or hand…b safe,~rocky~

  8. Congrats on your first blogaversary! I am so happy that I met you, Ludo! I love reading about your adventures and I´m looking forward for many more.xoxo,Thor

  9. Happy Blogoversary!I loved your video!I know you and your mom had a hard time but I am happy that she is feeling much better now. Kisses and hugsLorenza

  10. Happy Blogaversary Ludo!!!Your video was soooo much fun! We just LOVED seeing you grow up into the beautiful young pup that you are!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie, Lucie, and Hailey

  11. Ludo, woo is so sweet! I know that I wuv woo a lot…I don't always comment and stuff cause mommy is usually in a hurry! She says life gets in the way…I guess it's hooman stuff. But I is glad to know woo!!!! Happy Blogaversary!!!Mya Boo Boo

  12. Happy Blogaversy wif so much love from our (the Mom and mine) you have no idea…We know small thing about what you beed goin frew and hat is off to how you handle it and not skip beat for the Ludo… And I know the Ludo pull he Mama frew… I just know how that work!Please know you enrich my life too when ever I hear from the you frew your blog!!!wif very much love from the Luke

  13. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy blogaversary!!! we ar verry glad yoo stuk arownd after yoo bekaym ludwig van dog insted of ludwig van pup and we ar luking forward to more fun with yoo this nekst yeer too!!! ok bye

  14. Congratulations Ludo and Mum on your first blogaversary.Just loved the video.Now, do remember to include Oxford in your UK tour, you must visit me & Sir Woodstock.Love, pats & petsBlue

  15. Oh Ludo, congratulations on the blogoversay, and well done to you too for helping your Mum through a difficult year. We do love reading your blogs, even if Hamish is rude about your tricks sometimes….Is your party a tour of just England, or can Scottish dogs get involved too?Cheers, Gail and Hamish.

  16. Happy blogaverssary Ludo! You have really grown up from a cute puppy to a great handsome dog. Love all you tricks. I'm glad that you mummy is doing better too.Your friend,Niamh

  17. Woo, Ludo! Happy blogaversary, little buddy! This is quite the day to celebrate!You're really sweet to mention me and Zim (and the girls) as having helped you. That means more to us than you'll ever know. Your mom's mushy part was really sweet and if I could, I would hug her. I like to hug bipeds. Zim might even give her one gentle lick on the nose; he's pretty cool like that. Then he'd have to yell "ha roo roo roo!" and I'd have to grab him by the neck and then we'd have to launch into zoomies, punctuated by him ha roo roo rooing. We can't help it; it's who we are. But we WOULD make your mom smile; trust me on that!Anywoo, great post, pal. We love you (in a total man-dog way, of course!) and so do the girls and mom. CELEBRATE today!Luv,Dave

  18. Ludo,Congratulations on your blogaversary. One year and you are still going strong. We are glad to be your fur friend. You have always had a kind heart and we appreciate that.We hope that when Charlie's family arrives in England that the two of you get together. We know her Mom will be looking for a new dog to watch over her. Maybe a sheltie or perhaps a collie. Which ever, we will be happy to see them blog again.Essex & Deacon

  19. Ludo, our momma watched the movie about your first year and gotted tears in her eyes fur a little bit. Our momma is a sucker for a good story about a dog and the humans that love them.Happy Blogaversay and Happy Life. You and your momma deserve a life full of sunshine and roses!

  20. Ludo and Dee, that was a WONDERFUL video of Ludo's first year. Katie and I laughed and sometimes almost teared up! Ludo, you are just beautiful! And I think you love your Mom very very much!

  21. Ludo, Happy Blogaversary! And thank-you for your nice comments in the mushy stuff! The video your mum made of your year is fabulous! What a year that was! Whew!!! We're glad you both are feeling better now. And just look! Now Pepe is with you too, How cool is that? I cannot wait to go on your Tour of England! that's gonna be fun. Maybe we can get into some trouble and cause a ruckus. That would be sweet! your gal, Morgan

  22. Happy Blogaverary Ludo, we loved your video and the music that said so much!We also enjoyed the 'mushy' stuff – that was nice.We are just stopping by for a quick hello as we are back home for a few days. We keep saying we are 'drying out' but are now worried we are giving the wrong impression!Well Ludo you live in the UK so you know what we mean.We are happy we got to read your post.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  23. Hey Ludo!Happy Blogsaversary! =D I watched the video with my Mum and it looks like you has great fun together.My Mum enjoys reading your blog, she always used to read it when she was looking for me, and now she gots me we sits and read it together!You know what the best bit is? It turns out we're half brothers. Cool huh?Hugs and KishesFizz xxxxxx

  24. Hi Ludo and your Mom, that was the sweetest post – congrats on your blogaversary. Sometimes life is tough but we have also found that blogging helps a lot, there are so many wonderful pups and peeps out there, oh and kitties and bunnies, and hammies, and all. You named some wonderful friends and we feel the same way about them too.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  25. To Ludo and Dee….our day would not be complete without seeing what you have been up too. You are such a clever young doggie and you constantly amaze us with all your wonderful tricks. Your mom is so clever too, she spends so much teaching you and making sure you grow up to be the best and happiest doggie you can be. We is very proud to count you as a blog buddy and friends.

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