Not the Tricky T-day

Hurro efurrybody, I hopes you has had a nice weekend. Starting today I gonna try and post everyday until post #200 and our party tour of England (Stopping off in the rest of Britain too, of course!) Does not forget to let me know if you would like to come.

To celebrate my blogaversary and my 200th post I doing a competition called not the Tricky T-day. Cos I know some of you feeling left out with all the tricks floating around. All you has to do is submit a photo, or lots of photos, of you, in your best ‘not doing a trick’ pose. Be that sleeping, playing, being norty, eating or whatever, so long as it don’t look like a trick, it’s in! Here some examples for you.

Easy peasy huh? Just peemail me to with your piccures. Depending on how many entries I gets and how good they is I will either open a public poll, or, just choose my favourites and then pick them from ‘a hat’ Though there never be actual hat, so I think that be lying when Mum say those words. Anyways, lemmeknow if you has any ideas about picking the winner. Me and Mum has beed busy having fun doing shopping for this, and my favourite THE tricky t-day video, so I thinks you will like the prizes!

pee ess: Yes, any type of dog can enter, cat-dogs, rabbit-dogs, hamsterriers too.

~lickies, Ludo


24 thoughts on “Not the Tricky T-day

  1. You know I am in My Ludo! I can't wait to try some 'not tricky' poses… bol! I'm good at sleeping! And eating! You look furry cute in the bed that looks like a pot! BOLOh, PS, can I come to your tour of England?Licks,Kylie

  2. You are so clever at coming up with ways to get fellow bloggers involved! We'll try to get some non-tricky photos.I'm sure the dogs would love to come on your tour of England too!

  3. The Collies will visit Jolly Old England. Essex will leave the pirate hate behind, because she heard they still hang pirates in England. Black Dog the PirateDog wouldn't like that at all. Argggg.Essex & Deacon

  4. First, congrats, Ludo, on your upcoming 200th post! That's some milestone, eh? Wowzer! And second, that's a great idea, cause even tho I know I could do tricks, mom's lazy about doing much more than straight obed. which both she and I sort of don't like too much. THIS – now this – I can handle! Will send you a piccure as soon as we settle on a couple! Thanks and congrats again!Huggers xoSAmmie

  5. i'll get some photos together – And LUDO – yes, you are DEFINITELY included in my little friend's award – so be sure to pick it up and pass it on

  6. Hi LludoWell you know we love adventures – so count us in for the tour!!Our mum is mucking about with pictures, sizes, blogs etc so she will be keen to enter your contest for sure. We are actually fed up seeing that camera!!!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxx

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