So much stuffs for me!!!

On the day before my blogaversary, all this stuffs came from the letter man!
ok, so, they wasn’t exactly all for me, some beed for Mum, some beed for the rabbits, and some beed stuff for ‘not tricky T-day’ and for some special to me pups. But i did get some, and it did be very exciting indeed! I wanted to open them!

Some beed some meant to be practice agility stuffs for me, but, Mum found that they had the wrong one, this will not do, she saided and she rung them up and emailed them, we still waiting to find out what they say…
I got a handsome new ID tag. My old one still had our old address on it. It a dog tag to go with my tough new GI dog stuffie!

It comed with a chain, but it attached to my collar now. I also gotted new training stuffs, a new training bag for Mum, target stick (mine broked) and a hands free i-clicker. oh, and I gots some disposable water bowls for when we go camping soon. I also got a tug-a-jug. I seed Miss Kylie has one of these and she very good at it, but I not, I got bored and gived up.

Bestest of all though, be this clever new puzzle plushie. It sooooo the best stuffie ever, it a million stuffies in one and so very fun. I can even put them back in it now too. They make all different kinds, one of them we has got for the lucky tricky t-day player, so I had to have one to test it out.

Let me tells you, it sure be pawsome. It my new favourite, good for playing tug, catch and clever with! Mum say it my blogaversary present. So happy Blogaversary to me!!

~lickies, Ludo


29 thoughts on “So much stuffs for me!!!

  1. Oh Ludo – it is like Christmad in July at your house! Cool toys! Maybe the tug a jug will grow on you. I fill it for Oreo when I go to work, and when I come home it is empty! Your mum is going to love the hands free clicker! They rule.

  2. Wow Ludo, you got some really cool stuffs there! I loves your new tag, my mum ordered me a new one today that says 'I'm not fat, just fluffy' on the front. I'm not sure if I should be offended or not!! Hurufff.Brotherly hugsFizz xxx

  3. My goodness – you must of thought it was Crispmas come early – what a lot of fun things you got to open. Your new tag and toy look very good and it is good to have the right address on it

  4. Oh my Goodness Ludo! I want to come play at YOUR house!! You look pawtastick in your new tag, very tough! 🙂 I can't believe you gots a TUG A JUG! They are the bestest! Make sure your Mum starts with itty bitty tiny pieces that fall out real easily. Then you will get the hang of it and then you can add more bigger pieces. Or just take the rope out and put a small tennis ball in the jug! That's what happened when I chewed up the rope… Or I could just tell Mommy that I have to fly all the way over to your house to give you an in person tutorial! BOLLicks,Kylie

  5. Looks like you got some PAWSOME stuff Ludo! I think you should fly Miss Kylie over to show you how to use the tug a jug. You could write it off on your taxes I'm sure…

  6. Look at all the good stuff you Mandogs get for presents. You will have funs with everything. What did the rabbits get?I would love to come and play with you, Ludo!Kisses,Stella

  7. Great presents Ludo! You may want your mum to put better treats in the tug a jug so you get into it more. Your new tag is very cool.Your friend,Niamh

  8. We think you be a SI dog, not a GI dog Ludo. GI stands for General Issue, while SI is either Special Issue or Sheltie Issue. Either of which describes you. Keep your Mum happy and we be glad to be your furfriend.Essex & Deacon

  9. Oh Ludo, I am having to write this comment myself as Martha just fainted clean away when she saw that picture of you with your new dog tag!You look so handsome!What great presents for your blogoversary for all of you.Enjoy your cool new toy.loveBailey xxxxx

  10. Aww Ludo! Happy Blogaversary!What pawesome stuff the mail man brought you! You always get the coolest new toys! Enjoy them!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  11. We like the tag – very macho! Thanks for dropping by our blog – we loved your blog and reading about your box o' goodies! Lots of licksSally and Paddy

  12. Cool stuff! Moose eats his kibbles from a jug like the one you got and he loves it! It really slows him down which is a good thing.Moose + Dana

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