On a sunnyday we get to have the left overs from the people foods roast dinners. It so delishiously yummy! Auntie Penny has beed getting this for 11 years and you should see the fuss she make if they does not give it us. Now Pepe here we has to share with him. We all eated our vegetables like good pets.

Yum! Mum said this piccure has made us realise out bowls need washing. See Auntie Penny has the funny kinda bowl so her ears don’t go in it, I usually does not have a bowl for my food. After we has finished we go lick each others bowls, you can just never trust that the other one might not have left some.

For Tricky T-day here, my workings on ‘distance downs’ We practiced an emergency stop in class the other day where we had to go running back to our peoples and when they shouted down we had to stop and go down and if we did not the trainer said we got squished. Well I got squished. The assistant lady tooked us off and worked with us on it the way they train, Which be to step into your dog and speak loud and point right down at the ground in a big movement. Well, I would go down but then crept forward and I was not getting it, so Mum decided we would work on it at home in our own way. I can now do it with Mum out of sight and in another room. Got to try it outside now.

Also, my good bud Dave tagged me.
1) open the folder that has your pet pics in it
2) choose one you haven’t posted before
3) tell its story
4) tag 5 friends

Mum opened a folder called ‘old pics’ and found this one.

It Penny in a cowboy hat at Crispmas from a couple years ago. Honestly, she puts up with anything!
~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: I already have quite a few entrants for not the Tricky T-day. I will post an update soon, 27 posts to go! Do Clickings here to see about it and enter.

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  1. Wow Ludo – I don't think my dogs would do a down with me out of the room. That's impressive.Misty & Oreo lick each others bowls too, then go back to their own for one final check:)

  2. Those dinners look great. I always have to check out Ambrose's bowl too. You are doing a great job with your down. I hate to do the down – very boring.Your friend,Niamh

  3. I think you have got it good and that mum will be proud when you go next. You wont get squished.. You beter tell them you have lots of friends on blogger who wll come get them if they squish you… Hugs GJ xx

  4. What a nice supper treat you all got! I bet Aunty Penny and Pepe just loves that. When my Mom eats yogurt, Ali Z comes and tries to stick her front paw in it, so she can lick it off. Mom just gets her a little dish to have her own! Can you blame her?You are doing good with your Tricks Ludo, you are such a smart guy and your Mom is a good trainer.Kisses,Stella

  5. I can't do that down either, but mom never really worked with me about it, so it's her fault, But, don't ya just hate it when trainers don't take into account how sensitive we shelties can be? Morgan

  6. That was a great trick! I would like to know if Aunt Penny got a treat, too, since she ran into the other room with you!?!Great job with the tag, buddy. Aunt Penny doesn't look too thrilled with the hat – but she does look cute!Luv,Dave

  7. Hi LudoPenny makes a great cowgirl or should that be cowdog?We like leftovers too although not so keen on vegetables and certainly not broccoli although we know this is very good for you!Our mum wishes we were well trained like you Ludo, you just get cleverer and cleverer.Keep up the good workloveMartha & Bailey xxx

  8. w00fs Ludo, u iz one cool doggy..congrats to the winners..me has got to git workin on me not a tricky t-day entery…b safe,~rocky~

  9. O Ludo, I will wash your bowl for you! Your blog has entertained me wif the good pitchers and also made me incredibly hungry!wif love from the Luke

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