22 thoughts on “wheeky wednesday

  1. Hi Ludo You just keep hold of you nice squeaky toy there and don't let anyone take it until you are ready to let go! Cheers, H.Ps I shall get back to you about the geology business when Gail is a bit less busy.

  2. Hello!I'm ever so glad to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I hope you enter the Do The Q! contest, it is a lot of fun, and it makes the beans all giggly for some reason. :)I do live with a hound myself, but he's still getting into this blogging thing. He's over at gotuckergo.blogspot.com. But don't say I mentioned his blog…he's start to think that I like him, or some other sillyness.

  3. Waawawawawwwwaaaaa!!!Great great video dear Ludo!!!!We LOVE a lot squeaky toys!!!Awwwww…..can we come and play with you???But…we're very very curious….who won???;-)))))))))))))Maya wants to thanks you for your sweet welcome to her!!!She's reading your blok to know you and your family much more!!!And she loves you a lot yet!!HAve a great day!!!!!!!!!Sweet kisses and licksPaco,Milo & Maya

  4. Hi LudoTell your mum to get her own squeaky toys – what is the world coming to? These humans want our squeakies!Bailey is now squeaking away with one of her toys after watching your video!loveMartha & Bailey xxxPS best to warn Martha in advance when you are posing with your harness…….

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