Not the T-day update

25 posts to get your entries in. Here a selection of the piccures I have got so far, all very good not tricks from all!

Stella after snoofing (hope it ok for me to post?)

Oreo, snow cleaning

Misty, resting

Maggie, eating

Mango, not EVEN thinking.

Mitch, doing nothing

Dexter, possible thinking about doing… something.

Reilly, not posing

Jasper, lounging.

Great ones so far, so doesnot forget to peemail your entried to
Oh yes, and let me know if you coming to my pawtee tour!

~lickies, Ludo

Oh pee ess: This be a puppy called Fizz, Cute huh? Wonder why? He found me through my blog the other day and guess what!? He my in real life fur brother! Well, half, on our dogDad’s side. Cool right? He said he and his Mum used to read my blog afore she got him and now he has his own. So please stop by and say hurro to my bro!


24 thoughts on “Not the T-day update

  1. That is so cool that Fizz found you – we will have to go check out his blog. Can you tell us where we send our not Tricky pics? And yes, we would love to come to the pawty.Great pics so far – we love all of them.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. What a deal to get found by a brother, named Fizz of all things!He is a cutie, and will be a good buddy to you, I am sure.Yes, for me to the Pawty and its OK for my snoofing picture!Kisses,Stella

  3. What a lovely story about Fizz!! Will definitely pop over and say hello when we have time (we're SO behind with visiting at the moment – aaarrgghh!!)Great set of photos…hmm, I'd better look for one to submit too so that people don't think that I do tricks 24hrs a day!! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. Congrats on Fizz finding you. We have a number of relatives that have found us on the internet. Then you know that already. We will try to get you some pictures this weekend.Essex & Deacon

  5. Hi LudoHow cool – a long lost brother! We will visit and say hello.Great pictures for your contest – we must send you one in – we should have loads were we are doing absolutely nothing!!!loveMartha & Bailey xxxx

  6. Hey Ludo! Nice to meet you too! I would be delighted to be added to the Tricky-T-day rolls! Are you the one who started Tricky T-day?? I am starting to get confused about it's history. I first saw it on Tuesday at Tibby's then Thursday on Honey's so is it supposed to be tues or thurs or both? It is a delightful idea! I hope to be consistent with it but Summer (esp August is busy) so I may be flaky at first (hopefully not!) When I have time I will have to peruse your past posts to get to know you better and see what tricks you have been up to! Moose + Danap.s. thanks for the shaping advice! I did know that the more you do it the more variety of stuff they will offer but it had not occurred to me to sort of specifically reinforce offering a variety. Very Smart! When I first learned shaping I tried it on a sheltie like you and it was so much fun b/c you shelties learn fast! I had her rolling a beach ball with her nose by the time her pawrents came back!

  7. Ha roo, Ludo! Oh…. those are some great (non) tricks! I'm posting mine on our blog today – is that OK? I'll have to go meet your fur-brother later on! He's very cute! (Like you!)Tail wags,Storms

  8. Oh Ludo, it's going to be tough! All those photos are really good and there are probably still a lot more to come! We're going to go and say hi to your bro' now 🙂 Josh and Jess

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