Frankly Faline

I haven’t posted for a long time, have I? Well, I haven’t wanted to! I’ve been moulting and that always makes me feel very grumpy, especially as The Hooman feels the need to pick out all our little tufts of fur and makes me have to grunt at her!

Let’s see, what has changed since the last time I posted. Oh yes, the Cat is back. The natural order of things is restored. You see the cat is my little minion. Other cat’s come around here some time in the night (The Hooman insists it’s 3am and that is wakes the whole house up, but since I can’t tell time without the sun in the sky I can’t possibly take her word for it) Yes, cats come prowling by, and being a rabbit I am highly instinctive and alert so I have to warn the rest of the warren by thumping very hard, quite frequently for a long time until the Hooman lets the stupid pup out to come chase them away. Since The Cat came back the other cats don’t seem to want to come round. It might have something to do with The Cat being a big tough bully cat to all the others, but it cures my problem.

The Cat is scared of us, as he should be! And The Dogs are scared of The Cat. The Dog’s do what The Hooman girl says and of course The Hooman’s purpose in life is to look after us. Do you see how it all went awry with The Cat being missing? I feel much safer at night knowing every thing’s back to normal.

In other news, we got this little hide out thing. My Husbun is very fond of it, I can’t really see why, because aside from snipping off the dangly bits with my teeth it’s pretty boring, and doesn’t do anything.

Now these…
Were far more useful. Great for keeping the teeths worn with. Of course The Hooman sighs and grumbles when I managed to gnaw one in half in just a half hour, but she should be proud. If a tree root ever grows inside the house I’d be snipping through it in no time and then she’s be pleased, wouldn’t she?

I noticed that The Pup had his blogaversary recently. He didn’t invite me and really, I should get some of the credit, because some of those posts were mine. So I have decided to enter his competition, here’s my best, doing nothing pose. We rabbits do it very well don’t you think? So no more point in all you other dogs and things entering anymore.

If that didn’t convince you I’ve also noticed this competition, the Monty Q, here’s my take on it. I do believe I’ll go enter that instead.

Yours, Faline


19 thoughts on “Frankly Faline

  1. Those are excellent examples of doing nothing and I think that Ludo might be a bit of a blog hog (I know all about that).Nice to know you are an alert rabbit. I always have to wake up stupid Mango when there is an intruder alert.Kisses,Dexter

  2. It's true Faline that you rabbit-dogs are very good at doing nothing! I like your hide-out thingy! Glad to know you're doing well and are happy about having Pepe back in the house!

  3. You don't mince words much, do you, Faline?Someday Ludo (That Stupid Dog to you) might come to your rescue and save your life. Although I can't know why he'd want to when you are so rood to him.Kisses,Stella

  4. hello faline its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to see yoo agin!!! hay also i shud warn yoo that bugs bunny has eskaypd frum his dunjun so if he shows up asking for munny or carrots dont giv him enny!!! ok bye

  5. Ludo… Happy belated Blogaversary!!! We can't stop staying awwwww to your pup photo. Gee.. we missed you, really. We love seeing all the pictures of kitty and rabbits. Momo & Pinot

  6. Hi FalineWe have soooo missed you – don't tell Ludo but we love your posts on the blog.We lie your entry for the competition – you do it best when you do nothing at all!We are glad the cat is back – as you say it restores the natural order of things.After all everyone has to know their position in life and it sounds as though you have it sussed.Such a wise bunny you are. Enjoy your weekend.loveMartha & Bailey xxxxps we do sometimes chase bunnies but we are sure we would never chase you!

  7. I could use some work on doing nothing, Faline. Feel free to drop in and show me how to do it properly. You took some beautiful photos as well. I envy your gorgeous coat!

  8. I think you are very clever to alert the humans to introoders.. But I am glad the cat is back. Its always better when there is a cat.. Hugs GJ x

  9. Ha roo, Faline! I wondered where you had been. Is moulting like the bun version of blowing coat? We don't like it when Mom plucks us, either.Glad order has been restored over there. Pepe is pretty cool, isn't he? Ah, come on. You know you like him.Great not trick you're doing there!Play bows,Zim

  10. Faline,It is always nice to hear from you. You add such a mature, sensible tone to the blog. Clearly you are a wise bunny.Hope you are through with your moulting soon.

  11. Hi Faline – so nice to hear from you! Am glad your household is restored to its former peace…it's so important to have everyone do their jobs & take their roles properly, isn't it? I wonder where the Cat went??By the way, I've just posted something that you might be interested in…Rabbit Agility! Have you ever tried that? And Rabbit Show Jumping? It looks fantastic! I think your human is such a talented trainer, I'm sure she could teach you in no time! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. Peace is restored and just as it should be the bunnies reign supreme. We have noticed this year that our local 'wild' bunny population has tripled and every morning and evening there are quite a few to be seen outside nibbling all the nice grass.I must say you are looking very handsome after your moulting

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