21 to go

We gonna try and schedule this quick post to appear while Mum at work. Wonder if it will work?

There now be 21 posts to go till my 200th post. We’s been thinking and we thinks that we will probably take entries for not the T-day until the 5th to go post, then we gonna has a shortlist of about 6 piccures (I will tried to get a not doggy, nor Mum judge) which we will put up for you all to vote on your favourite so we has a your choice and a my choice winner. Which gives you till about the 19th to enter.

A quick remembering for you all… Email your best ‘not trick/doing nothing’ photos to me at Ludovanpup-at-live.co.uk Please tell all your furiends too!

Now, as for my 200th pawty tour I has quite the guest list so far. Pups who has RSVP’d through comments or email be….
G. Jasper
Blue and Woodstock
Thunder and Phantom
Oreo and Misty
Essex and Deacon
Martha and Bailey
Ricky and, very not least, but lastly of all.

Tada. You has about the same amount of time to RSVP.
~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: It made Mum very happy to see all the compliments about Auntie Penny. Penny especially liked the one from Hamish about her being a young dog, she say ‘oh, you flatterer, you’. Of course she does still be young cos she part springer spaniel and they always young, even if they 12 in two months time like Auntie Penny. hehehe. Oops, Mum say you not supposed to reveal a lady’s age once they reach a certain point in life.


16 thoughts on “21 to go

  1. You ARE a busy guy, Ludo! But it will be fun with you and Mum there, Aunty Penny and Pepe, they will all get to come along, won't they?Kisses,Stella

  2. Hey! Did I miss the opportunity to be part of your party? How could that have happened?Count me in (and Pee-Wee too) if it isn't too late and let me know if I need to do anything.Slobbers,Mango

  3. We wanna come to the party!!So can I please add Lilly (me), Mack & Paris to your guset list??Would you like me to bring one of my specialties? Say, maybe liver and kidney enchiladas?

  4. Hi LudoThis is exciting – looking forward to the tour!We hadn't noticed till Morgan's post that you had also been writing in the sand – we thought it was just Aunt Penny!You are just so romantic!Let us know if you need the house on wheels for the tour!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

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