29 thoughts on “One word wednesday

  1. SLURPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!We love chewing bully sticks!!!1 hour?????We finish them in a 20 minutes!!waawawwawwawaaaaaa!!!Sweet SLURPPPPPPPPP!!!!MAya wants to thanks Penny to became her nanny!!!!!!She loves her a lot!!!!!!!MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. mmmmm – Bully Sticks – they are so good but they don't last more then 20 minutes here either. Ludo and Penny obviuosly need more practice and how lucky is it that to get practice you have to chew on more of them – dog logic is so simple and always RIGHT

  3. Ludo! I am so glad I was able to let you enjoy your first bully stick. Now you know what everybody is barking about. they are soo yummy! I just hope that they don't make you sick ( since you seem to have eaten the whole thing) I am only allowed half at one time. Morgan

  4. Wow – how do you guys make it last for so long?? Any chews I get (other than big raw bones) are all gone in seconds!!! That's why my human has stopped bothering to buy pet store chews…Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  5. Hi Ludo I think there are some missing data. Were both clock pictures taken on the same day? Perhaps you went out into the garden, buried the stick, and came back to it the next morning. Or is it just me that does that??Cheers, H.

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