What my gal gived to me.

My Gal Morgan sent me some stuffs. After I had my scary chokings on my collar she told me all about the harness she wears and her sensitive trachea. Her Mom helped us find a place in the UK that selled them so I has a handsome new ‘easy walk’ harness. Mum likes it a lot and is gonna get one for Auntie Penny too. Morgan also recommended us some bungee leads which she and Maisie has so’s our feets don’t get caught up.

Well, Morgan and her Mom very kindly ordered us the leads and sent us some other stuffs too.

“smells like my gal!”

Look at this very handsome American bandana! And matching tennis balls!

She also sent us the bully sticks from the post afore this one too. From her own private stash!!

And… My Mum got a present too!

Look, rabbit-dogs on a t-shirt, with a very important message about new ters on it. Mum said it fits very nicely and she wored it to work yesterday and got asked about it lots.

Here be Mum showing off with the new leads. hehe!

Thanks so much beautiful!!

Oh yes, Another of Mum’s sisters be coming down tomorrow with 4 different childrens to the ones I met afore. Mum hopes I will be ok with them now I met the others. We will see if they nice to me or not!

Happy cat day too! Here a piccure of Pepe lounging in the sun. I does not think he misses OD at all!
He gets to go outside now, with no lead on! When he lived with us afore he only be allowed in the garden because we lived near a road, but it all countrysidey now and he has taken to exploring, but he always comes back and he not allowed out after 7pm, still not fair he allowed and I not. He has already lost 2 safety collars and name tags!! I wonder what he does with no Mum there to throw balls and talk to him on his walks?

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: 20 to go! I could not post yesterday cos Mum beed so busy with workings we didn’t even get a chance to turn the computer on! But I has lots of things to show you alls. I looking forward to joining in with Stella’s choir!

29 thoughts on “What my gal gived to me.

  1. Hi LudoHow very kind of Morgan to send you that pretty bandana and matching ball. You looked very american!We were interested in hearing about your bungee leads!!! We hope you enjoy your new harness and lead and hope Aunt Penny lies hers too.Your mum's t shirt looked cool too.Enjoy your weekend.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  2. Hey Ludo! What a sweet girl Morgan is to send you so many good things. I am glad you got a good collar to wear, and leads and your Mom's shirt is just excellent!I am excited to have you in the Doggie Choir and now we have to get some songs to sing!Kisses,Stella

  3. Hi Ludo,Wow! you are so lucky that your gal is so generous! Totally handsome with your new bandanna.Licks,Adele, Vincent & Bella

  4. Hi ludo! You look super with your bandana – so handsome! Your beautiful Morgan is so nice to send you all those pressies. Hope the new harness helps you out!Happy Weekend!

  5. That sure was nice of Morgan! I must say, both of my sisters think you look really cool in your American bandana and matching tennis ball! Happy World Cat Day to Pepe! Are you doing anything special for him?And yowzers! Your mom is a total babe! She looks great in her t-shirt!Play bows,Zim

  6. That is a very lovely package ou got from Morgan. I love your bandana.. Your mum looks good in her t shirt too.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Ludo! I am glad you like the tennis balls, and OMD -you look so handsome in your bandanna! Your mum does look very cute in her t-shirt. We got those things at the store at Animal Friends. That's the shelter where mom got Laura and Josie, my kitties, and where Maisie has been taking her classes. Hope those bungee leashes work as good for you as they do for me! your gal, Morgan

  8. You look very cute in your bandana and what great balls to play with. I'm glad your mom found a good harness for you.Woof!Sophy

  9. Those are some cool things Morgan sent you. I'm going to have to look into that bunge lead.You look very handsome in your stars and stripes bandana!

  10. Love that new harness and the flag bandana and ball are cool! You look very good sporting all your new "clothes" – stylin' Ludo! Have a great weekend!Huggers xoSammie

  11. Thank you for pawticipating in my 200th Post Photo Book! You can now see it over at my blog!! Hopefully now we will get back to our regularly scheduled blogging and commenting!Licks,Kylie

  12. Hi LudoWell you look just spiffing in that new bandana, with matching tennis ball. I don't usually go in for dressing up (or playing with tennis balls) but seeing you so handsome in those photos, I did experience just a wee tinge of envy….Nice tee-shirt too.Cheers, H.

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