The other day I gots to go to town. I likes going to town lots, there lots of things to sniff and do and people always say how unusual I is.

Mum and grandpaw went into the people eye store to get Grandpaws glasses fixed. There beed another dog in there, a little chihuahua, she beed a big huge flirt with me, even though I sure she married cos her peoples said she expecting her first litter. The eye doctor people said they should advertise the store as a dating service. I told them Scooby already had one.

Then we went for a look in the craft store, Mum got some papers. Boring.

Then the best bit! Tada!

We doesn’t get to go in the big petstore places cos Mum there none round here and Mum does not buy things from places that sell pets unless she has to. First we stop and tut at the rabbit hutches, hehehe!

The biscuit aisle, even though I doesnot get anything from there.
I picked out a treat for me. This not our favourite pet store, that one in a different town, but we got a few bits we needed like biscuits for Pepe.
Ah, funs!

Oh yes, the childrens and Auntie Toni be here. They very nice, good players! I showed them my tricks and they has beed very good at keeping me busy while Mum been at work. I will post about them later. I hopes I get to visit all your blogs, but if not, I thinking of yous!
~lickies, Ludo

33 thoughts on “Town

  1. Looks like you were very well behaved on your day out on the town.At our trial this weekend there were lots of shelties, but all of them were sable~except for Misty & Oreo. It made me realize just how unusual it must be to have merles and bi-blacks. That's what makes you even more special:)

  2. Trips to town are always so much fun – especially when you get to check out neat places like the pet store. Mom says going to the pet store for me is like her going to the library……you gets to sniff hundreds of smells like she gets to reads hundreds of books.

  3. It is always good to go to town to have new adventures. I hope you got a new toy or something at the pet store Ludo.Your friend,Niamh

  4. Ludo! What fun you had in town . . .and picking out something for Pepe at the Pet Store, that was nice of you!I am glad the childrens are there and that you like them a lot. I love childrens myself.Kisses,Stella

  5. we don't like those stores that sell animals either…mom says it's a good thing we aren't allowed in many stores here. she would spend our money so fast. We are the only thing that gets her out of stores and back home. BOL! your gal, Morgan

  6. I'm happy to hear that your mommy doesn't buy things from pet stores that sell puppies and such. Way to be an active Puppy Mill activist!

  7. Hi Ludo! Boy you sure do get around! how nice that you got to go into town and run errand with your mommy! And a stop at the pet store is always a perfect ending to a pawesome day!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  8. What a great adventure – we have tried going to a small town near where we live but Martha did not like it. She was frightened – Ludo you are so brave!Did you get your eyes tested too while you were at the opticians?loveMartha & Bailey xx

  9. Wish we could visit more stores here with Katie, dogs aren't allowed in too many places. Looks like you had fun, how nice of you to get treats for your fur brothers and sisters.

  10. There is no wonder that wherever you go people comment. You are rather lovely ( for a woofie )..You look as though you are enjoying your trip very much.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. That looks like a fun outing and what a lot of treats in that store.Funny you say people always look at you because you are unusual….made mom sad, because that is how it was when she took Bear out for an outing. He also got a lot of attention for his good looks, just like you do.–JB

  12. Hi Ludo,Enjoyed reading about your trip to town. I guess a good looking young fellow like you gets plenty of practice at fending off the flirty young lassies! (As for me, if only….)Cheers, H.

  13. Dear Ludo Van Puppy-Doggy — HI! It is LuLu and LoLLy, and we wanted to stop by and say HI! and see how you are and we are glad we did becuz you got the red eye and now we are very worried and do you ever no that you have this terble disease? Altho we guest it is not a problem do to you sounding so upbeet and cheerful and stuff!And also, Two Paws UP! on those truly outstanding harnistes that is what we have 2! And also, did they send you a harneess to use on your human if so tell us where to get one!And also, those tennis balls and matching scarfs — whew! Now that is somethin! Ludo we are very glad to say hello! And also, have you herd about the new sex toy for doggies, now we do no that you have no problems with the ladies but it is some very importint news and we have a story about it if you haven't herd about it, and thoght we should just mentshon it due to the whole epistode with the doggy who might already be married! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  14. Ludo, I have been a very bad girlfriend. It has taken me soooo long to come and read your bloggie and leave you comments. I'm sorry that Mommy is so distracted she never has any time to help me!!! (But I have to say, your picture in my book, is one of my favorites!! Did you like your quote?? Mommy thought her and your Mommy could relate… whatever that means.)Licks,Kylie

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