stuff with childrens

Here some of the stuffs I been doing with the childrens. I like childrens cos they play alot alot alot with me and want to do tricks and stuff all the time and whenever I get a toy they never say ‘no Ludo, I tired.’ So that be very cool huh!? My favourite by the bigger girl bean called Abigail. Mum been showing her how to do trainings with me. She will make a great trainer one day. She very calm, but interesting. I still does do barkings at them when they get here each morning, (they camping near by, cos grandpawents just not be big enough to sleep them all) the girl childrens like to be with Mum all the time, which why we not being able to blog much.

They wants to do everything that she do, so much they even wanted to do helpings getting my food ready. Mum say this very unusual for peoples, especially girl childrens, since I on a raw diet!

I likes the girls bestest. And they likes me!

Penny likes Luke bestest, cos he quieter and not so busy rough as the others, he has a difference to him what be called ‘downs syndrome’. I know why they call it that cos mostly he sit down on the floor and watches his dvd’s and does gentle strokings of us.

We went to the beach of course, the childrens found a crab and some sea glass for mum. I barked lots at Auntie Toni and she threw the ball for me.

Ah, it very fun, but very tiring having the childrens here. They even came to agilities with me tonight!
~lickies, Ludo
pee ess: I hopes I get time to post for tricky T-day tomorrow, as the month be up! Also, 17 posts to go which mean 12 to get your entries for the not the T-day competition in!!


26 thoughts on “stuff with childrens

  1. Hi LudoYou and Aunt Penny are having lots of fun with the children visitors. We can see how much the girls like spending time with you and glad that Luke is getting on with Aunt Penny.We loved the collage pics of you all on the beach – that looked very cool.We hope the children have a great holiday with you.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  2. You are doing great with the children Ludo! Glad Penny has her own special friend too 🙂 I bet Luke enjoys having her by his side.

  3. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with those small peoples. I bet you have been sleeping very well at night after all that running around you have been doing during the day,

  4. Wowwowwoooooo!!!What a wonderful time you had with all those childrens!!!!You look soooooooooooo gentle with them and sure they love you and Penny a lot!!!!And you're going at the beach with them??!!!!!GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!Would love were with you!!!!Sure Maya will run and swim and play with her Penny…she loves her a lot and each time we look at your blog she bark that she wants see her nanny!!!!Have a great thursday dear friends!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

  5. Oh, Ludo! All of those biped puppies look like they'd be SO fun to play with! Do you get to give them smoochies? I'd love to do that! Would you give them some for me?!?!Love,Ammy

  6. w0ofs, is girl childrens fun?? ad the boy childrens iz handsome..i iz sure u showed them all a good it to late fur me to comed to ur pawty??b safe,~rocky~

  7. Aw…what a lovely time you had with the childrens, Ludo! I love that picture of you lying with them. And so nice that Auntie Penny found a special friend too! 🙂 What a funny coincidence – don't know if you read my recent post about my dancing gig at the pet store but I was also playing with childrens! They wanted to do tricks with me although it was a bit hard coz I'm so big I keep smacking into them by mistake (you can see this in the video – hee! hee!) Did your childrens run the course with you at agilities??Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  8. hooray for Ludo and Auntie Penny! Good to the children and having fun at the same time.They look like great kids and you can have the fun of watching them grow up!Kisses,Stella

  9. Childrens are just the bestest friends to have cuz they love to hug us and to play with us and they drop food on the floor and they sneak us some snacks, too. Yes, we ♥ to have children in the house!

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