Childrens gone

Just a quick post to let yous all know that the childrens has gone home. I will do missings of them. But we can get back to blogging now! Huruff!!

~lickies, Ludo


11 thoughts on “Childrens gone

  1. Sometimes it is nice to have them go away and leave you with some peace and quiet. That way you enjoy them more when they come back again.So what's new, Ludo?Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Its going to be fun to hear about what you did with the children. I am glad you got on so well with them and are learning to trust them too.How is Aunty Penny? How about Pepe? Kisses all around,Stella

  3. Hi Ludo That is a mighty fine picture of you. When you get a little older, I promise you will enjoy the peace and quiet that accompanies the departure of the younger generation from one's house! Cheers, H.

  4. How can you be missing those noisy little peoples. I am not at all fond of them, especially little boys people….girls are okay. I would be frazzled if little peoples came to visit us.

  5. Nice to have your house back to yourself, huh?Hey, tune in to my bloggy tomorrow. I am going to post some most amazing tricks.Slobbers,Mango

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