Happy birthday Molly!

Oh dear! It actually his birthday on the 8th of August but I could not post because of the childrens being here. Molly now be 4 whole years old! If you has not met him, Molly be my Rabbit-dog brother. He nearly the same colours as me and that how I know we related. Mum got Molly on her last year of university. She found him at the back of a small pet shop, in a plastic cage with his brothers and sisters hidden behind bags of food and stuffs like that. She looked at the bunnies and felt sorry for them and they licked her fingers and were very friendly. The pet shop did not sell animals, and it never has since, so Mum thinks that Molly was there must have been fate.

Mum had been missing having a pet around at uni, since she has had lots, all her life and her sisters used to tease her and call her ‘Davina Doolittle’ instead of her real name, which of course, be Mum. Mum say that it felt like a big part of who she be was missing. First she got Arnie, a little mouse, but she kept reading up on small pets and eventually found out about house rabbits. She had been planning to adopt some sort of small pet, maybe a guinea pig, when she seed the little bunnies.

She went home without one but thought of them a lot alot. She rang her friends what she lived with at uni (one being OD. who at the time beed scared of rabbits) and asked if they would mind. Lucky, they all said it ok! She went back and got Molly from the shop and got him a small dog crate as a base (he could fit through the bars, he be so small!) and he lived in her room with her at uni. Molly’s baby crate later became my baby crate too! Mum also joined a rabbit forum and her interest in rabbit welfare was born!

This beed baby Molly!
A little bigger.
His house at uni. (AKA My second crate! Why does I get all Molly’s hand me downs?).
Meeting Auntie Penny for the first time
Deciding his bed wasn’t as comfy as snuggling up with Mum.

Looking handsome in our old home.

When Mum got Molly he was too little for her to be able to tell if he be a boy bunny or a girl bunny. She asked OD to help her name him to help him not be ascared and he chose Molly, a couple weeks later when Molly grew some mini balls (huh?) she tried to change his name to Gizmo, but of course everyone knew him as Molly by then. So Molly is now called Molster, MolMol, or Mr. Rabbit usually. He made a great talking point at uni. Mum’s bestest girl friend found it very funny to tell boys that came round, that they had a rabbit upstairs if they were interested, and then laughed at the look on their faces. I dunno what that means but I think it means they thought Molly be cute. Mum does not help with people thinking Molly be a girl by buying him and Faline a new pink house for when we moved to a new house with OD (well, I did not move because I not even be borned then, but I thinks I was there in spirit)

When Mum left uni Molly got his newters and then Mum adopted Faline as his Wife-bun, since Mum would not be able to spend as much time with him when she got a job.

So that be his life story, here some of his present!

Molly got some birthday treats of some berries.

They liked them lots. You can tell cos when rabbits think something is being very yummy they do twitchings. It been raining a lot here so they needs a good clean out, Mum has just beed changing the litter trays at the moment. One day when we move they will come back inside with us!

~lickies, Ludo
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oh yes, Stella, Auntie Penny be fine, she was very naughty last night and got the people bone from their dinners out of the bin and then had runny poos! Pepe being very good, eating lots and bossing us about still.


25 thoughts on “Happy birthday Molly!

  1. Hey Ludo, beautiful rabbits! We tried to email you a picture of Katie not doing tricks but the email address of ludovanpup-at-live.co.uk didn't work. Are you sure that is right?

  2. Happy happy happy happy happy happy Birfday to the Molly!That be about the happiest and my most favorite story ever! It sure did brighten my day! And I love ever thing about it!Me and the Bleu need to get our act together and enter your contest, on a counta we are very very VERY good at not doin tricks! In the fact, it is our specialty!Sorry I've not beed a round lately. I have missed you, but thunder has sent me to the bunker. It's great to catch up now!wif love from the Luke

  3. That was a good story, Ludo, and a fun read. We also want to wish Molly a very Happy Birthday! I can see by his color that he IS related to you. Cousin maybe?I am blowing my coat so all I see in my days and dreams is my Mom following me around with a pin brush in her hand! Ooops, here she comes.Kisses, Stella

  4. Well Ludo, now that I have heard Molly's life story I can think about him in a new and sympathetic light. Until now, I just thought rabbits were those creatures I was supposed to want to chase but could somehow never be bothered..Belated Happy Birthday then, Mollster! Cheers, H.

  5. Happy Birthday Molly – it was so lovely to hear your story. We thought your were a bit like a boy named Sue! We kept thinking you must be a girl rabbit and not a boy rabbit!We are glad we heard the story of how Molly came about – we appreciate it can be difficult to tell with rabbits!!!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  6. Happy happy happy (belated) birthday dear Molly!!!!!!!Looks you had a great pawty for your birthday!!!!We love all yuor pics but our preferred is the one with Penny!!Maya is a little jealous of you…she would love were there and playing her with her nanny!!!!!;-)))))))Have a wonderful day dear friends!!And special licks from Maya to Penny!!!!

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