Blueberry Buckle!!

Well, first Maggie and Mitch made some and then Khyra, it looked so yummy that is made me and Mum jealous. As M&M’s Mum posted her recipe she thought she’d try it out. We love it and so does everyone else. We not sure if she got it how it apposed to be cos we had to convert into a language my Mum understands (g’s and oz’s) I helped measure the blueberries, I didn’t eat anythough, I didn’t like them. I am very fussy. Auntie Penny did though.

Mum and grandpaw ate some when it was fresh from the oven, with custard.
Me and Penny got a try. Mum’s camera bettery is low so it could not capture my speedy movement when I grabbed my chunk hehehe!
lickies, Ludo
oh, pee ess: The address for not the tricky is definately


26 thoughts on “Blueberry Buckle!!

  1. Oh that looks lovely – we must try it although our mum is trying not to bake cos she ends up eating it.The bottom left pic in your little collage looked like you and Aunt Penny were eating each other!Sounds yummy with custard…..loveMartha, Bailey & Mum xxxx

  2. Oh my, I am drooling so much right now! That looks delicious and you are so lucky to get to have some. 🙂 I got to eat huckleberries on a hike we went on last weekend….they were yummy!Did you get ice cream with your blueberry buckle??Kisses,Nala

  3. I had to visit Maggie and Mitch's page to find the recipe! So I had some fun just finding it! Its easy and I know it will be good. Thanks for the tip!Kisses,Stella

  4. That looks delicious!Only problem is we're trying to get the little man's dad to lose some weight so there's no baking here for a while!Take careClive

  5. Our Mom has made it too – in fact two times. She shared some with one of our human sisters, and she just sent Mom an email saying it wasn't helping her lose her post-pregnancy weight:) It is sooooooooooooo good.We aren't crazy about blueberries either, but our Dad thinks it is outstandingly delicious.Woos, the OP Pack

  6. I wish you was not all way a cross the pond on a counta I could boaf help you wif unit conversions and also help you eat that tasty treat!!!Just sayin.Wif love from the Luke

  7. I am so pleased to meet you Ludo! Thank you for the kindness of your vote. Mommy makes lots of card and hopes I win and she can have a rubber stamp of me. You are a very handsome Sheltie and should enter the contest too! it is not too late…Love your new friend Miss Peach

  8. OMD Ludo! you mean to tell me that that delicious concoction is for us pups?! you must be joking! I must find this recipe and send my mom straight to the kitchen to start baking! That looks pawsatively scrumptious!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

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