tRicky T-day

Welcome to tRicky T-day! Recently me and Mum has been working on improving some of my existing tricks and being able to do them in different positions and with her moving about too, ready to do dancing like Honey! It a big work in progress… Also I was super hyper excited all week with having the childrens here.

The cross paws bit we struggling with is Mum wants me to cross my feets when she does, then do a roll over when she spins round. This confusing me so we gone back to basics for now just trying to get good on cross feets. I does not like to do cross feets, I like to do ones where I run about like mad!

This T-day marks a month of T-days with the objects prompt (well actually it be on tuesday but I could not post then). I said I would send a little goody bag to my favourite trickster. You may has noticed the funny way or writing tRicky T-day today. Well, that cos I has chose Ricky. I chose Ricky cos he has posted good trick videos consistently. He kept trying with the freetiming even though it unnerved him a bit and came up with some good results I think that deserves special recognition. Congrats Ricky!

For this next month to give some inspiration I thought it would be fun for us to try and learn a ‘helpful trick’ This week I gonna try and learn how to fetch Mum’s slippers. You could try learning how to open a cupboard, alert your pawrent to a noise, help with laundry etc. Let’s show people how useful tricks can be!

Does not forget that if you want to join the players list on the side to let me know.

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Mum has started organising our tour of England! It very exciting! So if you want to come and has not comment RSVP’d there not long to go.


31 thoughts on “tRicky T-day

  1. Love how you scoot backwards! You are one smart pup, Ludo. I am excited about the helpful trick theme! I used to think about training moose to open cupboards or the fridge to fetch me things, but then decided he would probably help himself to things too much (sorta already does that)! I have trained him to fetch his collar when it is time for walkies and his food jug (he eats out of that instead of a bowl) when it is time for dinner. We will have to think of some new ones now. How fun!

  2. Ludo, we have had to go for a lie down after watching that video.WE are just exhausted!You are so young too – very impressive. You are our hero Ludo. loveMartha & Bailey xxps we can open doors however our parent does not consider it helpful!

  3. You are so good to learn so much, Ludo. You will get the paw cross soon, we are sure of that. We must have missed something about going to London, but if there is room for us, we would love to come.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. those are some excellent dance moves but I do think you have been taking lessons from the rabbit dogs when no one is watching – cause that scooting backwards and forwards look a lot like bunny hops to me!!!

  5. Good work, Ludo! I love how you want to please your Mum and watch her so carefully for your cues.You will be doing dancing in no time.Kisses,Stella

  6. Ludo You are very clever, to have arranged things such that you are rewarded for getting under your Mum's feet. I just get shouted at when I do that! I think the 'helpful trick' idea is a good one, but it could prove controversial. Will the judging be based on human or canine ideas about what is helpful?Just wondering..Cheers, H.

  7. Hi Ludo! My goodness, I am so honored that you chose me to be this month's tRicky T-Day winner! Thank you so much! I really am uncomfortable with the shaping thing, but thanks to your motivation, I'm trying it more and more!I love your freestyle moves! You and your mum will be dancing together in no time!

  8. Hee! Hee! Ludo, I think you were listening to some other music of your own in that video – that's why you were doing all these fancy dance moves by yourself!! :-)I love your attention & enthusiasm though! Oh! And you know – I'm learning cross paws too and I don't really like to do them either (plus I've only learnt to do one side so far)…we haven't practised it at all though recently. I don't know if I will ever "get it"!Oooh – congrats to Ricky! Very well deserved – I was so impressed with his preservering with the free-shaping too!Am feeling quite guilty as we have not done Tricky T-Days for 2 weeks now, coz we seem to have a dancing competition or demo every weekend and so are always really busy training for that, rather than practising my other tricks or learning any new ones! Sorry! By the way, did you see my last post (it's called "Yay, I finally did it!") – it was about the last competition last weekend where I FINALLY did my new routine with almost a clear round and without jumping up on Hsin-Yi! My humans were so proud of me! :-)What a great idea for next month's Tricky T-Day theme! Funny – my human had just seen a cute video of doggies doing the laundry on another blog and has just started trying to teach me that so the timing is perfect! (not that I'm very good at anything at the moment…unless slobbering on stuff counts as helping!)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  9. You're such a smart pup! πŸ™‚ I always enjoy watching your videos! Congrats to Ricky!I can't remember if I sent in my RSVP, but I would like to join the tour of England.Mochi

  10. Good Morning young man!Mother & I are truly impressed with your skill, can see you dancing around England.Do not forget to visit us on your tour.Hugs [and love, pats & pets]Woodstock

  11. Hey ya big mandog…'re ya doin?? Long time no sniff! We know we kept saying it before but we're really going to try and to a Tricky T-day for you soon…now we're back online no excuses!!So umm….you're touring England?? Awwww….wish we lived in England now…boohoo! We were actually just thinking how cool it would be to have a get-together of all the British dog bloggers….and have it smack in the middle of good old Blighty, just today we were thinking that….weird eh?Anyway, we'll be back to visit soon…have a happy weekend!Slobber xx

  12. What great tricks. And England? My mom really likes going to England even if it has been quite a while since she last had the chance. I say she shouldn't go unless she could take me, too!Woof!Sophy

  13. w00fs Ludo, me thinks me RSVPed but iffin me didnt can me please go…and me can help wiff laundry and bed making..does u misses ur childrens??b safe,~rocky~

  14. Hi Ludo!Sorry I haven't beena round much lately. I'm still trying to catch up on evfurry pups blog and Mummy is doing our Christmas Card shoot today, I'm furry excited :)Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  15. Oh my goodness you are one clever pup! Our mommy has only taught us to sit, down, shake, ready and stay. How did you learn the through the legs thingy?? That is SO cool. Also the scoot is amazing. YOU are Ludo the wonder dog!AireKisses and WelshieHugs,BabyRD & Hootie

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