Time for another Not the Tricky T-day update.
You has just 5 more posts / days to get your entries in. Yup 5! I know!! Then after that just 5 more to my 200! If you would like to play just send your bestest not doing a trick pic to ludovanpup-at-live.co.uk
It all getting very exciting now. Here the latest batch of entries. To see the last lot. Go here

~lickies, Ludo

oops! Silly blogger missed off Honey. AND Essex and Deacon!


24 thoughts on “

  1. Oh excellent entries! Gotta get mine in, cause I don't do tricks either! (Mom's lazy – I'm sure I can show her a couple hehee!) Will have to look at the others!Love and Hugs xoSammie

  2. All very good pix, Ludo. And yes, its fine for you to post my snoofing picture!What will you do with all of them, or is it a secret?And a tour of England, how exciting all this is!Thanks for the fun, Ludo and Mum!Kisses,Stella

  3. Oh Ludo – I sent you a Not The Tricky photo too – did you not get it? I couldn't find my photo in either batches of your 2 updates!!By the way, I have FINALLY done that post you asked for – about how to put together a doggie dancing routine…come on over and check it out and tell me what you think!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. Funny stuff….I like the one (I think it's Woodrow) where he is all squished up against the wall and the last one is cute too! They are ALL super sweet. :)Nala

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