I be so mad!
Mean horrible Mum not be talking to me. she ignoring me and not paying me attentions. All cos she shouted at me. She said horrible words like bad dog to me.

I has beed very good lately and not touched any of the ‘not yours’ but today I couldn’t help myself. Mum had beed working on a stuffie kinda thing for her blog. It looked so very interesting. She was paying it lots of attentions and every now and then would make an exciting ouchie noise when she poked herself with the needle. And it smelled like sheep!!

So when it got left alone on the dining room table I had to hop up and take a look. Next thing I know it had gotten in my mouth and come with my into my bedroom and then what do you know it ended up like this…
That’s when grandpaw found me and tattled on me to Mum.

After she shouted I thought I’d play it cool and pretend I had just been chewing my bone the whole time. Mum exchanged knowing looks with Auntie Penny. How does they always know?

Mum said I not allowed anywhere unsupervised and not allowed in her room when she not in it. So not fair!! That my big crate!! So then I sulked for a bit.

And decided to get sympathies from grandpaw. But he kicked me off.


Being grumpy with me soo unfair. There no proof I did it, and anyway, it not look so bad my way. Usually when I had beed bad Faline gets to blog and I get banned from it. Well I not doing it this time! If she try to come in here to blog I will growl at her. Just you watch! Mum mean not talking to me and doing shoutings cos she should not have such interesting stuffs and leave them on diningroom tables. I not care if she say dogs not supposed to jump on the chairs and steal things from there… and infact if she not give me cuddles soon I gonna run away from home and go to Scotland to live with Martha and Bailey!

~No lickies! Ludo.

pee ess: Ok, some lickies. But only for all of you. And only if you go say happy birthday to my sweet special gal.

35 thoughts on “Mad!!

  1. Hi Ludo! Sooo sorry you are in the doghouse. I hope by now that you are "out" of trouble. When things look suspicions, I get in troubles too, even tho I think there's no proof! I'm going to say Happy Barkday to the Bday girl!Hugs xoSammie

  2. Ludo! why does she make stuff that BLOWS UP!!! Isn't that illegal?? It is here… Thanks for the birthday gift, the bows make me really pretty, and I love the toys and treats!! Mom is taking me to the doggie store pretty soon, where I get to pick out a GIFT!!!! Do you know how to get to Marthas's house? don't get lost. Thanks for the birthday wishes. your gal, Morgan

  3. Oh dear Ludo. Oh dearie me. My advice (with the wisdom of age of course) is just to lie low for a while, and hope that Mum calms down a little. If that doesn't work, then the Martha and Bailey plan sounds a good one. And if you need to run even further north, then there's always a welcome here in Aberdeen!Cheers, .

  4. Oh no Ludo…please don't runaway. Your mum will be back to normal in the morning, if not sooner. I bet you get some extra special treats, if you give her the "guilt trip".

  5. Ludo – I'm sorry you got in trouble! But maybe I can cheer you up a little – your package for me came today! Thank you so much! I love getting mail and it was full of fun goodies! Really, you and your mom are too nice! I blogged about it so you can go and see the pictures mom made me pose for!

  6. Well it is obviously moms fault and not yours – she should keep things out of paws way. And the table isn't out of paws way. Moms get very obsessed when they are creating and they ignore us – we have to do something to remind them we are still here.

  7. Dear Ludo, I'm sorry you got in trouble. I got in trouble when I chewed up one of Nana's pictures from high school. I was really in big trouble, but my Nana forgave me. Your Mommy loves you, and she will forgive you. Sally Ann

  8. Oh Ludo! You sound so mad and grumpy, even I'm scared of you!! 🙂 But don't worry – we have all been there. I am not usually a destructive puppy but my human got REALLY mad when I decided that one corner of their wedding album was very tasty!! Thank goodness I didn't get as far as the photos inside because I think then I may never have been forgiven but Hsin-Yi was still really mad because that album was special and she said she could not just put more photos in another album from a store, like I suggested! Humph!But hang in there, Ludo, I find that humans have fairly short memories and if you act cute and extra good for a while, their hearts will melt and they will soon forgive you. Good luck!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  9. Here is a guaranteed solution, Ludo! You are so smart, cover your eyes with your paws, and sort of whine when you hear her coming. Her heart will melt and she will cuddle you a bunch. I Know this will work.And THANK YOU! for the toy for me and the book for Mom. I been squeaking it ever since it came and it has the best squeaker in it!Mom was happy about the book, too!.And I already wished Morgan a Happy Birthday, I knew she was special to you, so you didn't even have to tell me!Kisses,Stella

  10. Hi, Ludo!I am so sorry your mom is mad! Be a good boy and she will forgive you soon!Take careKisses and hugsLorenzaHappy Birthday, Morgan!

  11. Ludo, mate, we're glad to hear that you're 'human' well 'doggie' after all! Your always such a good boy – Mama always says "Ludo wouldn't do this and that". Now we know better, hehe.Love you lots,Josh and Jess

  12. Hi LudoWe are sorry to hear of you getting the blame!Yes you must pack your case with all your stuffies and belongings and move to Scotland.Your mum will be so sorry then she will be begging you to come home.We know your mum loves you lots so perhaps you should take her for a walk to that lovely beach and she will soon feel better.If that doesn't work just let us know.loveMartha & Bailey xxxxps we will go over to the barkday girl too.

  13. Ludo! You can hide out at my estate if you want until your mom cools off. Maybe we can clicker train Pee-Wee to fetch our slippers. Slobbers,Mango

  14. Oooh Ludo…. you were caught red-handed huh? Not good… Hope that your mom forgives you soon and everything will go back to the way it was. Don't worry, with that cute face of yours, your mom will cave in soon.

  15. Hi Ludo!Just found your site and we're sorry to hear that you're in a bit of trouble. We hope that things get better for we're sure your mom loves you a lot!Looking forward to see more of your fun adventures. Please be ok there.

  16. Ludo, oh no! we all know that it's the hooman's fault for leaving tempting stuff out… you'd think they would know that by now, no? So you should not be in the dog house… your mommy should be locked in her crate for being bad by leaving the stuffy out! Hugs,Brownie

  17. So sorry you are in troubles, Ludo!I am sure your mom will forgive you soon. Have a little patience my friend. xoxoThor

  18. But 'not yours' are always the bestest things to play with! Hope you've been practicing your sad eyes cos me thinks you're gonna need them.fizz xx

  19. Oh my Ludo! You do get blamed for the darnedest things! Stay low, she'll get over it. I hope! If you need to, get a flight to Detroit, we'll pick you up at the airport!

  20. w00fs, me hopes u iz furgived by now, but iffin not, tell her the rabbit dogs did it…y does they leave stuffs around they know will tempt us..b safe,~rocky~

  21. OHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO POOR LUDO!!!!We're sooooooooooooooo sorry for you!!!Is horrible when our mommies don't give us attention…or cuddle….or don't speak with us…or ignoring us!!!!SIGH SIGH SIGH…..But we're sure that she'll forgive you soon… can she resist to your sweet and lovely face???You look soooooooooooo sad poor boy!!!But pleaseeeeee…remember that we don't live so far from you…so if you need help or an home you'll be very very very welcome here!!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Ludo's mom……FORGIVE YOUR BABY!!!!!!!Ps.s:we're going to say Happy Barkday to the Bday girl ok!!!!Let us know how is going with your mommy!!!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!Tons of love sweet Ludo!!!!MAYA wants send special kisses and licks to her sweet auntie Penny!!!!She loves Penny a lot and each time she sees her pic on your blog she started to bark and running very very very happy!!!!!HAve a wonderful day (with mom's forgiveness)!!!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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