Lot’s of stuff.

Hello dogs and nice cats. As you know that petulant pup Ludo is a very bad dog. It has come to my attention that he has been given some very underserved awards, which really should have been given to me. Especially since my Husbun got a special birthday post and the Hooman forgot all about mine!! I had great pleasure reading through some of the comments that were pleased about Ludo’s hidden dark side. Well, let me assure you, it’s not so hidden here. I’ve made a list of just some of the reasons he is so bad. 1. He is noisy 2. He is mean to the good dog 3. He has a wet nose. 4. He touches me with the wet nose. 5. He walks inside my house without asking. 6. He eats carrits, which are obviously not meant for dogs. 7. He tears people stuff up, like rubbish and leaves it all over the floor 8. He steals my hay. 9. He barks at all the people/things/monsters that go past. 10. If I move fast when I’m indoors he will try and chase me.
As you can see it is quite an extensive list. And so all you who have given him awards should really retract them.

~Yours, Faline.

Hurro! I forgiven now! Mum went out and comed back really late and I had my sleepy ears on and she loves my sleepy ears and I gived her good cuddles and said oohohhohh like I do when I am feeling snuggly and then she loved me again.

I do too deserve my awards, especially having to put up with a stinky rabbit like Faline. Although it does be a nice stinky, she smells very lovely! But doesn’t tell her that!

So, here my awards I beed gived.

The esteemed bear Sir Woodstock gived me this award.

The translation of the award is ‘Your Blog is Like a Pearl – Rare, delicate and charming!’
Only my posts!
Mum, Faline be posting in my part!!

The rules to accept this award.
You must post the link of who sent the award to you.
Then pass the award on to 6 blogs with Pearl and Emotion.
Well, I not sure what pearl be. Something shiny I bet.
I gonna pass this one onto Dennis, cos I bet he likes shiney things and his adventures make me feel lots of emotions.
Paco, Milo and Maya
Those D. Beagles.
My new friend Brownie
and the Bully brats (get well soon Woodrow!)

Thanks Sir woodstock, I likes you lots cos you look like a stuffy, but the not yours kind of stuffy which I know I must not touch. (now)

Next i got

Wow, Furry cool!! Thanks you Sally Anne and Mack!

Next I got this from a very cool pup called Wizz. You should go visit him for sure!

I has to list 7 things that people might find interesting about myself. So um, lets see. I thinks you already know everything about me!
1. I is very fussy about treats, but a complete pig for any kind of people food.
2. I is not allowed on the furniture but I get on it anyway and if someone tries to get me down I squish into the corner, Grandpaw usually gives up.
3. I like to hold Mum’s hand in my mouth and nibble/suck fingers when she has been away for a long time. Mum had heard that this means I was taken away from my Mum too soon, but she knows this not be the case so doesn’t know why I do it.
4. I bark at Auntie Penny on walks to try and make her chase me.
5. I love to tear things up, if the peoples be eating something I will watch and run and grab their rubbish if they put it down.
6. I only like to sleep with the lights off.
7. I quite shy with other dogs.

I has to nominate 7 blogs, I think most of you has had this one. but if not, please take it. Faline says I has to give it to some cats because they much more rabbit like than dogs, so I would like to give it to Miss Peach, Ginger Jasper, Ali -Z, Melvin and JB, Chester and Cocobean.

Next, Dennis the vizla dog tagged me to do this.
I does not really eat things I not allowed. I do sometimes tear them up though. I think the worst one be the first and only time I went bin raiding. We lived in our own house and Mum beed upstairs. I found in the bin some tasty dried liver treats. At the time Mum was making and selling meaty dog treats on the internets (she cannot do it here cos grandpaw doesn’t like the smells it makes) and had done an experiment to see how long they would last afore they went mouldy. I found the mouldy ones in the bin and ate them all up. It gived me very stinky wind and poos for a couple of days.

Auntie Penny the bestest for this award. She goes bin raiding whenever she gets the chance. She grabs anything she finds in the street and will not let go and bites Mum’s fingers! Infact she did it just the other day. We went past the bin to make our daily deposit and penny found a bone and picked it up. Mum tried to get it and Auntie Penny clamped down on Mum’s hand. Very bad Penny! Also when she beed a puppy she knocked down the christmas tree and ate the chocklits and tinsel, she had sparkly poos.

This next part a video of Pepe. Mum has teached him to sit, but I not sure he knows it, or he was just gonna sit anyways. I not think he very clever, really.

You now has just 2, yup 2, posts/days to get your not tricky photos in to ludwigvanpup-at-live.co.uk So don’t forget!!

~lickies, Ludo

19 thoughts on “Lot’s of stuff.

  1. Ludo,I just knew you'd be forgiven before too long. You just have to know how to work it…and it sounds like you do :)Congrats on your award, and tell Faline it was nice hearing from her!

  2. Hi Ludo! I am so glad your Mom has forgiven you! Even IF there was NO PROOF it was you! Congratulations on all the awards! You do so deserve them, you are just the most fun doggie!

  3. Loved Faline's blogging! But oooooh – mouldy liver treats? Auntie Penny!!! Ludo – so glad to hear you are in your mom's graces again – thatta boy! Congrats on all those pawsome awards!Hugs xoSammie

  4. You are the best boy there is and I am so glad your Mum sees that now. Faline seems bitter about something though. You should try to sweeten her up a little. Maybe you could start by getting your wet nose off her fur!I was so worried I would see you going off to Scotland all alone.Ali Z is getting in trouble and maybe the award is just what she needs. We will put it up next week!Kisses,Stella

  5. hello faline its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is kwite a storry abowt the moldy bacons wot yoo ayt!!! yoo no wen sumthing gits to a sertin poynt of stinkiness it goze frum beeing sumthing wun eets to sumthing wun rolls in wurd to the wise!!! ok bye

  6. I don't think Pepe is really in to the whole trick thing, do you? How frustrating to have to be good while he is pretending to sit.Faline seems very sweet and you need to promise to be nice to her. Rabbits are different than doggies, you know, so you need to respect her boundaries.Slobbers,Mango

  7. Hi LudoCongratulations on your wonderful Awards.We are so pleased to learn that you are now forgiven by your mum although we had started tidying up in case you were moving in with us!Now Faline, we know us dogs can be a bit annoying sometimes to you bunny rabbits but we know you love Ludo really!Be good.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  8. Congrats on all your great awards, Ludo. And just tell Faline that everyone has faults and you are being kind enough not to point out all of Faline's. Pepe is learning quickly, wonder if he can learn all the tricks you know.Woos, the OP Pack

  9. WOOWWOOOOOO!!!!!WHat a geat great great post dear Ludo…so full of things!!!Congrats on all your awards…you deserve all of them!!!!!You're soooooooooo special….And thanks for sharing one of them with us!!!We're very very very honored to have you like a friend!!!!!!And we're very very very happy to know that your mommy has forgiven you!!!!We know that you're a very very good boy!!!!!!Who could stay mad at you for very long time????;-))))))))Faline….pleaseeeeeeeee…..you could tell lots of bad things about Ludo…but we know that you love him A LOTTTTTTTTTT!!!Right?????HAve a wonderfil day dear friends!!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!MAya said to Auntie Penny that she loves her a lot!!!!!!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  10. Hi LudoCongratulations on the awards. I think you need to explain to that Faline that they are dog awards, that is award for dogs, and if she too wants award she should join a network for rabbits with blogs and then some might come her way (or not). Or maybe, just a thought, rabbits are not smart enough to have their own blogging network…Cheers, H,

  11. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry i didnt notiss yoo had givin me the shiny thing award probly becuz i wuz distrakted by the shiny thing!!! but i wil shoorly inklood it in nekst weeks awards and meem show!!! ok bye

  12. OH Ludo – I am most impressed at your human's training of Pepe…! My human always wanted to try and clicker train Lemon but she was always busy and kept putting it off – and then, of course, we lost Lemon, so now she really regrets it. When we finally feel ready to get a kitty again, she said she will train her from Day 1! 🙂 Actually, Lemon was trained in some things which was pretty good for a cat – she would always come when my humans called her name – even if she was miles away from the house – if they just opened the window and shouted "Leeeeeeemon!" – you would soon hear the tinking of her bell to say that she was running back. Also, she knew that she was not allowed on tables or counters – my humans were very strict about that! – and so she was quite good about that. But my human still wishes she took the time to teach Lemon some fun stuff, like Sits and other tricks – coz she was so much more clever than me! Anyway, so we love watching videos of Pepe!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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