Start voting!

Is now closed for entries!! I thinks I got everyone here that entered, if not gimme a peemail and I will do puttings up of your piccure and give you a free vote to say sorry.

Here how it gonna work. Voting will last until my 199th post, the day afore my pawty! I gonna try and put a poll up in the side bar over there –>
There will be a winner from voting, and a seperate winner, which I will choose, with the helpings of an independent judge, who I not know who that will be yet, but not Mum but I will make sure they be impartial!

Thanks to efurryone for playing, we loved looking at all the not trick pics! Rules for voting is to choose the piccure you think is the best ‘not doing a trick’ photo pretty please. I has allowed you to vote for more than one, but please only vote for 3 at most. I has given every pup numbers to stop Mum complaining about having to type them all out again for the poll. Lazy!

All piccures bigify, I thinks.

~lickies, Ludo

1. Maggie . . .2. Mango

3. Mitch. . . 4. Oreo and Misty, together.

6. Dexter. . . 7. Reilly

8. Ginger Jasper . . .9. Morgan

10. Oreo . . .11. Misty

12. Stella . . . 13. Honey

14. Ricky . . . 15. Mochi

16. Sweetie . . . 17. Sam

18. MJ . . . 19. Rocky

20. Martha . . . 21. Bailey

22. Hamish . . . 23. Gus

24. Katie . . . 25. Waldo

26. Storm . . . 27. Woodrow

28. Samantha, with caption,(this what happens when you try tricks, hehe!
. . . 29. Charlie (pee ess, please gimme your blog addy)

30. Essex . . . 31. Deacon

32. Moose . . . 33. Lorenza


26 thoughts on “Start voting!

  1. We need to find Jan's missing memory ASAP! She was looking at the photos and she saw a dog that looks EXACTLY like our Sam. Then she noticed it was lying on Sam's winter bed. THEN she looked up at the name. It IS our Sam. We had forgotten all about this contest too, figuring it was all over and we'd lost. We'll have to make sure she remembers to vote for our Sam, but we can't watch her all the time, you know.

  2. I wanted to vote for Katie (#24), but I don't see the check box for any numbers over 23.Can you pencil my vote for her in? I was able to cast my other 2 votes.

  3. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate bunch of nontricks!!! i may hav to git my frends simon and paula involvd!!! paula may hav kwit american idle but she is stil appeering with simon and me frum time to time!!! ok bye

  4. Very well done Ludo putting all those together. There are some great entries.We will come back and vote as we can't decide although you would think our mum would just vote for us!Anyway today is a work day and we want to be sure we give the matter our fullest attention.We will vote later this and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxxx

  5. I totally voted. This is an awesome contest. I must say that some of those doggies appear to be doing something. They must have busy brains.Slobbers,Mango

  6. oh hello, I am new to your blog, I came over via Jan's Funny Farm.I wanted to vote but not sure how now, think I am too late.Sorry, story of my life!Pleased to meet you anyhowlotsalicks, Marvin xxxxx

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