Back to training

Afore I start my post I better had remind you that you only has one day/post left to vote for the not the tricky competition. Looking at the poll it a close race!!
Our training class has beed closed for the summer hol-ee-days but it back on again now. Me and Mum has been practicing our tricks.

Left and right…


Hands up


Bite Mum… Oh oops, that not apposed to be one.

Take a bow!

And all for yummy treats!
We made some Pilchard treats to take tonight. Me and Penny licked the spoon.
If yous want to make them for yourself we just got a tin of pilchards in tomato sauce, took a fillet out and some sauce mixed it with a whole egg, about 100g of flour and a splash of water, stick it in the oven and hey presto! I had the rest of the pilchards for my dinner.
Penny only has to look pretty to get treats, not fair right?
Faline wanted some, but she doesn’t like fish for some strange reason…

28 thoughts on “Back to training

  1. Ooh – thanks for that recipe, Ludo! My human is always looking for ideas for new treats since we do so much training – can't wait to try this one out! :-)Hey – by the way – when is the deadline for our "Helpful Trick"?? Coz I'm still pretty slow with the curtain drawing…don't know if I will finish learning this trick in time! Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  2. When do we go on our Tour of England? I thought that was coming up pretty soon!Ludo, you look like you haven't forgot any of your tricks! Good for you to go back to school!Kisses,Stella

  3. Faline would like some bunny carrots…maybe…if you would take some to her☺You are such a smart and cute doggie. See, Mr. Milan is not always so darned right, is he? With me and Scout we have never been shoved or hit or punched and we do whatever our momma asks of us cuz we love her and she loves us. That is the way to do things, huh? You betcha!

  4. Sucha good boy Ludo! Your treats sound good to Moose but not sure we have pilchards in tomato sauce here in Key Largo… I will look and see! We are always looking to mix it up a bit with the treats!Thanks! Moose + Dana

  5. Oh Ludo, you know LOTS of tricks! And you look so good doing them too! No wonder your Mum makes special treats for you (and Aunt Penny too of course).

  6. We don't know what pilchards are either but if they are good for trick treats, they must be something we would like:)Great job on all your wonderful tricks, Ludo.Wos, the OP Pack

  7. You must have been thinking about your tricks during summer break because you still have all the moves.Guess what! I am accidentally learning how to get an object. It started with me trying to eat a tennis ball, so now when we play tennis ball, momma brings treats and gives me one to drop the ball. I think I am getting it (although I also almost broke her nose again when she bent down to pick it up and accidentally hit her nose on my head).Slobbers,Mango

  8. Great tricks – and we love the sound of those treats – sadly Paddy is on a restricted diet – so none for him – more for me!Lots of licksSally

  9. I likes the photo of you doing your 'bang' trick the bestest 🙂 that be my favourite trick to do. The 'bite mum' one is also fun though!The treats sure look yummy, I going to talk Mum into making some for me 😉 xx

  10. Hi LudoThanks for the recipe that sounded nice and easy – trust us recipes have to be simple for our mum.Just loved all your pictures and your mum's new camera seems to capture very nice clear shots.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  11. Hi there Ludo!Great training photos! You're so talented. And what's best after some training?? Lots of treats. That's an interesting recipe you got there. Too bad, mommy is not exactly chef material so she'd probably try to cook up something more simple for beginners. (don't tell her we said that, ok?)-Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy, Bullet

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