Our tour continued in the CAPITAL of England, which be called London. London has lots of sights to see and what with Mum’s hurty teeths she didn’t manage to capture them all. But there a few piccured here.

Here comes our bus!

OMD! What’s Woodstock doing up the top, sight seeing? Who driving the bus.

Martha? Surely that not safe, her legs not reach the peddles and she not even like driving. Oh, Bailey be working the peddles, ok then.

First stop required a visit to a really big puddle. Called the Thames. Yous can see a lot of things from the Thames. It a very important river that used to be so very polluted but getting better now.
Here be a nice learning link for you to learn some histories. Sometimes we hears news stories about how a poor hugenormous whale, even bigger than Mango comes swimming up the Thames and can’t get back out. There lots of old and new things living in the Thames like shopping trollies, and shackles.

Most of all it fun to go sight seeing on and one of our most, er… popular soaps is set along the Thames, in the East End of England. Where they talk like this… (don’t watch past the first few seconds where you see the Thames cos is gets real sad) That video a tribute to a famous doggy named Wellard who was on the soap for 14 years (played by three generations of dogs!) Well, that a bit of ‘pop culture’ for you. Now onto the sight seeing.

Some dogs had other things on their mind than looking at the buildings. I doesn’t blame them, buildings is boring!

Ah, this more like it, lunch! Isn’t it very grand inside our tour boat. Some dogs is doing their best ‘please’ look while young Maya just casnot resist. Who could blame her, I is only not tucking in cos I is being held back by Mum!

We spotted the London eye from our boat and decided to go up for a whirl around.

I took my gal Morgan into our own private carriage to whisper sweet nothings about bacon and tug toys in her beautiful ears.
Lets look at who’s in the next pod along.
Oh dog! Maybe we should back out, that look a bit private…
hehe, I sure it all innocent and Katie just be showing Reilly her new trick, not flirting at all! huruff!
Next off to one of the most important places in London. Buckingham Palace. Why? Cos the Queen lives there, well, sometimes, and she a dog lover, so I sure she would appreciate us all coming to visit, right?
Dum dum dum duuummm. That the noise we apposed to make when we see the flag. Oh, Mum say that not really right, we apposed to say ‘God save the Queen (and her dogs!)’
Hm, why does Bailey seem to be running away from the palace. I does hope our bus is safe and not smashed into the side of it or anything. I sure I can trust those Basset babes though.
Here Stella trying to convince a guard to let us in. We nominated her as the most pursuasive.
Come back soon! I should be able to post the next one tomorrow now that Mum’s teeths has stopped hurting her. You shoulda seen her, moan, moan, moan. ‘Ludo, does not put your face so close to mine, no hitting with paws, no licking, No sitting on my face so I casnot get away.’ Sigh.
~lickies, Ludo

29 thoughts on “London

  1. Ludo – I am having a great time on the trip! Lunch on the boat was amazing! The most fun part is hanging out with you and all your/my blogging friends! (BTW, you and Morgan make such a cute couple!)

  2. What a fantastic party! The boat made me a little sea sick, but it was totally worth it. Slobbers,MangoP.S. Pee-Wee is a doofus, huh?

  3. We both had a fantastic time. Thunder thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Beatles band and Phantom was thrilled to be in the company of such great pups for lunch. He was happy to meet Mango, Lorenza, Maya, yourself, and all the other pups. London was FANTASTIC.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  4. Whatta terrific time we all had. London is beautiful with signts to behold! And the food! nothing else like it! Its always fun for me to spend a little time with Hamish too, and all the rest of you wonderful pups!Kisses,Stella

  5. Hi, Ludo!Glad your mom is feeling better!All those pictures are pawesome! We had a great time and the lunch… delicious!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  6. What a great tour! Thanks for letting us journey along with your party for all the fun in London! But sorry to hear about your mama's teefies. Hope she feels better soon.Hugs xoSammie

  7. Hi LudoYou can trust us driving the bus – when the two of us join up we make the length of a human!We thought you and Morgan just looked perfect together and we are trusting you to behave on this trip.Oh Bailey had just popped into the palace to see the corgis – she seems to have taken a bit of a fancy to royal life and the corgis.The Queen is a great dog lover so she should be cool with us all turning up.This is certainly a fun trip.loveMartha & Bailey xxxx

  8. Ludo, You are a wonderful tour guide! What fun all the dogs are having. Misty was really hoping to spot someone from the Royal Family on her trip, so she could tell me all about it. She is quite regal herself.

  9. Hi Ludo! What a terrific trip! Katie is having the BEST time! Especially with Ricky, cause she has a crush on him you know. Sorry you caught her in that compromising position, but really, she was just trying to get a little kiss, that's all…giggle…

  10. Hi Ludo,The tour seemed so fun. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. You and Morgan make a great couple. *hearts hearts*London has a lot of beautiful places.-Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  11. WOWWOWOOWOOOOOOO Ludo!!!!!Thanks for the great trip you're having with us!!!!We're sooooooooooooo honored to know all the others pups here with us!!!Lunch on the boat was amazing!!!!But i want apologize myself withyou for the bad actions of my baby Maya…I've tryied to teach her good manners…but I think she's still too much young and…..she's like a devil when she see and smell food near her!!!!!Wawawawawawawaaaaaaaa!!!!!!Thanks a lot for your kindness and friendship!!!!An't wait to see the next pics of our meeting!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!And MAya send a special hug to her sweet auntie Penny!!!!!P.s.:Glad your mommy is feeling better now…Give her tons of special licks and cuddles from us!!!HAve a wonderful weekend!!!!

  12. What a fab post. I love it and cant wait for the next one.. I am glad your mum is getting better. I think there is nothing worse than a hurty mouth.. Hugs GJ x

  13. What a most excellent place take a picture of Essex & Deacon. After all Queen Victoria is the person that made the Collie so very popular. The only place more appropriate to see a Collie would be at Balmoral Castle.Dogs Save the Queen,Essex & Deacon

  14. Hi stud muffin… that whirl on the London Eye was the best! You are sooo snuggly, especially when you talk bacon! Mom says she watched too much about Wellard, so now she is going to go back and just read about him. Martha and Bailey are good drivers, They must of learned something when Eric took them on that car ride last summer BOL! This is really, really fun! Your gal, MorganPEE-ESS How bout that Katie? & her mum tries to make us think she is a shy doggie – I don't think so!

  15. Hi Ludo!It looks like you are having a wonderful trip! And with so many wonderful friends! What a lucky pup you are!:) TIbby

  16. Katie just gets her fellows mixed up sometimes, especially if she's been…well, you know…throwing a few beers back you know. She really likes both Ricky AND Reilly, but don't tell them that!

  17. Ludo!!! Thank you for your barkday message!! 🙂 and…Happy 200th post pawtee tour of England celebration!!! What a pawty!! Gee.. we should have joined you guys… our pawrents always tell us there is so much to see in England!!! We didn't know Liverpool airport is called John Lennon Airport. Cool!Momo & Pinot

  18. Hi LudoI'm back in circulation at last. Lucky lucky you, getting a trip to London. Gail goes there from time to time but she NEVER takes me. Surely you got into Buckingham Palace. I mean, who could resist Stella's beautiful eyes? (Not me for sure!)Cheers, H.

  19. Hi Ludo!Looks like you all are having a great time in the trip! Your photos are fantastic! So cool meeting all those friends!xoxoThor

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