Goodness and badness

I beed good and bad!
Mum has still beed working lots and I getting pretty fed up about it. Especially since Sally has comed home. It making Mum grumpy too. So it totally understandable that I did a bad thing. Mum never woulda knowed if Grandpaw hadn’t grassed on me either.

I runned away from Grandpaw and had an explore in some fields! It beed very fun. He would run away and I would chase him then I’d run away and he would chase me! Eventually Grandpaw caught me and he didn’t seem like he enjoyed our game very much. I just beed looking for Mum. He told Mum it took him half an hour to catch me but I think he lied.

So that my bad thing. Now my good thing. In my training class on monday Mum beed so very very proud of me.
All us dogs had to do down stays in a row. Our peoples all walked away a bit and then they all took it in turns to step right over us. I know! Walking over us. All you sheltie Mum’s and Dad’s will know just how much of a challenge that beed for me! Mum gave me a whole handful of cheese and lots of kisses for doing that. I only got up once when a very heavy footed lady stepped over me but everypup got up with her too.

So that my very quick post. We off to sleep now. Mum off work tomorrow so I will do catchings up then!
~lickies, Ludo


22 thoughts on “Goodness and badness

  1. sounds like you had a grand adventure with your grandpa. Oreo loves, loves, loves to be chased. It is his favorite.That is amazing that you let a bunch of strangers step over you! What an accomplishment.Oreo and Misty would have been hiding in the corner.

  2. I get to read over my mom's shoulder -I've seen advice that what hoomans are SUPPOSED to do when 'we' do 'that' is to turn around and go home/the other way -That way 'we' know the hoomans don't want to play THAT game!Please don't skhare your mum OR your grandpa like that!Khongrat fur being a good boy at khlass though!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  3. Oh I bet your grandpa was scared when you went exploring and didn't think it was a great game Ludo. Don't scare them again like that if you can help it. Sounds like you are doing great in your obedience class though. Keep up the good work.Your friend,Niamh

  4. I bet your grandpaw was not too happy that you kept running away from him, Ludo! But it sounds like you had lots of fun!I have had to do that down stay where people walk over you too. Good for you for doing so well!

  5. the chase game is soooo much fun, it is hard to understand why the grandpaw didn't enjoy it. Mom got the mini me today and she was sooo happy, she is going tomorrow to see about getting a little glass case to keep it in.

  6. So are you even in the good and bad department or is your grandpa hoping you'll get life in prison for running away?We're not sure we could lie still while folks stepped on .. uh, over us.

  7. Oh the people become very cross when you play those run away games. I think that you should not do it anymore, OK?That stay thing sounds super hard. You must have had to do some real meditations. I hope it made your mom proud of you again.Slobbers,Mango

  8. We are so glad you did a good thing because that bad thing is a scary one. Be careful, Ludo, your Grandpa didn't understand you were playing and we don't want you to get lost or hurt.Congrats on your good behavior in those sit stays.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  9. Hey Ludo my little cousin! You must not do the runaway with Grandpa again. Its harder on older people to do the catchings and they can get sick from it. So maybe he won't want to take you out anymore unless you promise to be good, good, good. But I am soo furry proud of you for your down stay with people walking over you. Not sure I could have done that. Who is Sally?I send big hugs to you Ludo one for evfurry day I missed you.Kisses,Stella

  10. Hi, Ludo!Sounds like you had a fun game! Sorry your Grandpa did not like it!Glad you did very well at your class!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  11. You are very brave Ludo, I cannot allow anybody to step over me – no, no, no. Not even mom. you could get squished, or kicked, just like sheep do to you, no, it's not happening here. But that's pretty funny what you did to grandpaws, HA HA! BOL – you crack me up, that is such a good game. I bet it wasn't a half hour though, it was probably only like 25 minutes or something. your gal, Morgan

  12. Hi Ludo Good to hear from you. This 'going to work' business is a total bummer isn't it?But I'm not sure it's at all wise to let humans (especially heavy footed ones) to walk over you. I advise that you think very carefully about which commands you obey and which you don't (i.e. be like a terrier!)Cheers, H.

  13. The hoomans always seem to panic when we're on the loose and don't come when we're called! We hope your grandpa forgave you for scaring him, Ludo!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  14. Well…. what can we say? Really nothing since if we're off-lead (as Siberians) we would run off and be 50 miles away by the end of the day.We're sure glad you're HOME!!!Luv,Dave

  15. Oh Ludo, we have missed you and thought your mum must be busy with work things.Don't tell anyone but we sometimes run off too.Well it is great fun although these humans don't seem to think so.Well done at your class with your sit down stay.You know Ludo we always think you are one very clever and kissesMartha & bailey xxx

  16. Hey Ludo, bet if grandpaw had CHICKEN in his back pocket you'd be right next to him, or at least come very fast when he called! And good job at the down thing at school. Katie wouldn't let anyone step over her either..she's a lot more scared of stuff than you are, that's for sure!

  17. Hey – good to hear from you, Ludo – I've missed you! And hey – I do that exercise in training class too! The one where people step over us…although they have to take a REALLY big step to get over me – ha! ha! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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