Catching up – Hol-ee-day

Time for my first catching up post.
You might do rememberings that ages ago me and Mum and grandpawents went on hol-ee-day to go see some of Mum’s family and I got to stay in a hotel!

Well, here some more piccures from then.

As I said afore, it beed a very long drive. 6 hours and more and I beed too interested in everything to do even one wee!  Mum amused herself though.

Nearly there!
The steps at the car park scared me a lot, they had no backs! They beed floating and dangerous!!
The hotel reception doors. Everybody that worked in the hotel got to know me and would say hello. My new friend came to visit me too. He more my friend than Mum’s now cos I the best and I licked his face so that makes him mine. That his hand.

Here where I had my water and ate my food.
I liked going between Mum’s room and Grandpawents room and going in the lift was the very best. I was pawsome at the lift.
We went visiting lots of people but afore we went we stopped off at a place called the lakes.

I had fun!
We visited my great Grandmaw for lunch. She liked me a lot! She gave me biscuits. Real people biscuits! I never get those.

We also went to go see my favouritist Auntie, Auntie Sam and her childrens. There the ones who comed down and we seed the money tree together.
They have a dog called Noah. I did not like him. He beed too bouncy over me so I showed him my mean teeth and my best snarly noises. He kinda got the message after a while that I did not want to play.
Our hotel beed at the edge of the town so Mum did quite a bit of shopping.
This makes Mum feel at home more than sheeps and things does cos she grewed up here.
Lots of peoples said aw at me. I think that people for a butt sniff.
In that evening we went out with Sam to have dinner. We went to a place called Franky and Benny’s with a very nice outdoor area so I could go too. I got my very own chair. Well actually Mum had tied me to her chair and she went to the toilet and when she came back the family had got me my very own chair to sit on. I lied down on it and Auntie Sam fed me titbits. Then I got to ride in a very fancy car and felt very special and got a late night visit to the lakes. No piccures of that though cos Mum forgot her camera.
Next day we wented for breakfast. I had a natures menu food pack. Yum! ~Although I did be hoping for sausage and eggs actually…

Later on we all went to another of Mum’s sisters called Mary. Some other sisters came round so there beed lots of family and lots of childrens there. I didn’t be allowed in the house here but it beed ok cos all the childrens looked after me and I sat on Auntie Sam’s lap and Mum’s too.

I could show you lots of family photos but they doesn’t have me in them so I wont!
Later me and Mum went to go look at a flat that we might be going to live in to meet the flat owners dog to see if we get on. She was bossy but I liked her so it a possibility that Mum thinking about. Only trouble be she a terrier and we all know how terriers feel about rabbit-dogs!
hm, now what did we do next.
Oh yes!!

Pet Shop!
Now Mum broked her rule about not shopping in a petshop that sells animals, but P@H be working very hard to get their animal welfare standards very high so we thought we would make an exception. Plus Mum left me there on my own to get groomed so she could go meet her friend and go shopping.

Hurruff, Rabbit-dogs!

Look at all the stuffs she bought me. Yummy hays. Although she has given it all to Molly and Faline, I think she got a bit confused there.

I did get a new toy though.
Next Mum went out and left me in the hotel on my own! I just went to sleep though. Mum knows cos the cleaner beed doing our floor and Mum asked if I was good and she said she didn’t even know I be there. Mum coulda just asked me!
Mum came back with this strange thing!!

It beed sitting in some kind of monsteer!!!!!

I bark barked and Mum did real bad tellings off. It wasn’t scared of me. This Mum’s nephew from her best friend in the wholllle world. She say he be a little kind of children called a baby. I not too sure, he look like a monster to me. I sat on Mum’s lap.
Went for a sneaky sniff but he saw!
Oh no, he got my toy!
Give it back!
Well then he left. Without my toy I might add. And we went back to greatgrandmaws.
That beed our last day on hol-ee-day. I got left with grandpaw that night and Mum did that dressing up thingy and went out without me!! With MY friend.
I slept most of the way back and beed very glad to be home and have Auntie Penny back. (She stayed with Sally’s pawrents) But I sure did have a fun adventure!
~lickies, Ludo

23 thoughts on “Catching up – Hol-ee-day

  1. What a great vacation Ludo! It looks like you had a lot of fun, going places and meeting lots of people. I bet that you were tired when you got home.Your friend,Niamh

  2. It looks to me as though you had a brilliant time.. All those people to make a fuss of youSounds as though mum had some retail therapy as well. Thanks for showing us your adventure. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Gosh Ludo, you had a magnificent adventure! And you got to see so many things and meet so many people and you did really good with all of them, except for the baby monster, and that was just cause you were confused for the moment, right!? What a great traveler you are! Though I bet Aunt Penny was glad to see you come home.

  4. Gosh Ludo, you had a magnificent adventure! And you got to see so many things and meet so many people and you did really good with all of them, except for the baby monster, and that was just cause you were confused for the moment, right!? What a great traveler you are! Though I bet Aunt Penny was glad to see you come home.

  5. that was some BIG adventure, so many new things to experience and see and SNIFF. But there is no place like home for feeling comfortable.

  6. That was a wonderful holiday, Ludo. You got to go place, meet people and pups, and have lots of fun. Thank you for sharing your trip – it is good to see you.woos, the OP Pack

  7. Wow, Ludo, one exciting thing after another!I am glad you had a good time and bet your Mum, Grandpawrents and family did too. Kisses,Stella

  8. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is kwite an adventcher indeed!!! i wood like to hav an adventcher like that sum time it seems more relaksing then the yoozhual adventchers ware aliens ar chaysing me and wotnot!!! ok bye

  9. That looks like it was a very nice holiday! And it was really nice of the family to take you along, but I bet Aunt Penny really missed you.. Great grandma sounds awsome! People food – can't beat that! I am not sure about living with a bossy terrier. That could just be trouble. Her person could be just like her too you know. (Hope she doesn't see I said that BOL!) How rude of your mum to go out on a date with YOUR NEW FRIEND.! Demand to go along the next time, or, leave her at home. Ha Ha. Your gal, Morgan

  10. What a great holiday you had Ludo, we have stayed in a hotel too!We had our bowls in that little room they call an ensuite!You looked very elegant beside the phone in your hotel room – where you about to order room service?That small human did look a bit like a monster and what was he thinking of taking your toy.That was good for you to get out and meet lots of people and relatives.We are glad you found a human to give your real biscuits – that is the kind of human we like.We also think sausage and eggs for breakfast would have been the best start to the day!!!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxx

  11. Great holiday, Ludo! It's really cool that you got to go on holiday and stay in a hotel and see all your family! I have never stayed in a hotel before. It's also great news that you have a NEW FRIEND! I hope we hear more about him soon!I thought it was really funny when you said "aw" is people for "butt sniffs"! HaHa!!

  12. Ludo! Stairs without backs are super scary. Something could reach up and grab you for sure.Those baby things are scary too, especially when they are riding around in their stroller things. Other than that, looks like a grand time and it is so much fun seeing you again.Slobbers,mango

  13. What an adventure Ludo! You really got out and about. Oreo and Misty had their first stay in a hotel a few weeks ago. They'll be staying in another one tomorrow night.Those baby monsters are very unpredictable. It was good of you to stay on your mum's lap. You just never know what they might do!

  14. What a great holiday, Ludo – PACKD with stuff!!! I'm very envious about you staying in a hotel – I've never been in one – the ones here in NZ don't usually allow dogs! You had me laughing with that story about the Monster Baby – I have met a few of those too – but I tell you a secret: they are always dropping yummies around them so it is actually quite good to hover around them! πŸ™‚ Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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