Catching up -fun dog show

Here be the piccures from the fun dog show me and Penny went to a couple of weeks ago. It beed named very good cos it oh so exciting! I had a go in the obedience classes but didn’t win anything cos I beed too excited cos they started just as we got there. 

Mum say it good experience for me and I did do the second half very good and my down stay perfect.
Auntie Penny had a very good time and had lots of fun getting attentions from efurryone. She did the fastest recall pretty good. I didn’t get a very good score cos Mum couldn’t get my collar quick enough.
Here my friend Benji saying hello to Auntie Penny.
Fastest recall
A very big dog who tooked my ball.
In the ring for the pastoral section

We woned some ribbons and some treats. Well quite a lot of treats actually! The only thing Mum didn’t think was right is I did not win anything for handsomest dog! As if!!

I got a 1st place for best matched pair with my pal Benji. We were up against stiff competition. That big brown dog and a black one like him. (they newfies) lots of pairs of terriers, 2 bull dogs. a couple pairs of collies and two black labradors.
Me and Penny got a 6th place best mismatched pair. Then I gotted a 5th place for best non-sporting dog and a 6th place for best trick. Which pretty cool since I only done half my trick.
Penny did better, she got a 2nd place for best veteran and a 2nd place for dog with waggiest tail. She did very good!
~lickies, Ludo


26 thoughts on “Catching up -fun dog show

  1. How very fun for you both! Well, for all three of you, Mom, Penny AND you! But I agree with Mom, there should be a best looking dog award, you'd win by a landslide!

  2. What fun Ludo! Congrats! I would have been really excited too. Your mum must be very proud! We have never heard of a show with so many fun contests!

  3. Hooray for Ludo, Penny and Dee! That had to be very much fun for you to do and after all your tricky stuff you've practiced, good for you to do it! What pretty ribbons, too. I am happy too for all you have done for Aunty Penny. She was sort of sickish when I started reading, and now look at her! Full of mischief!Kisses,Stella

  4. Hi Ludo, what a great day and what good experience for you Ludo. You have to remember you are still young!We think you did very well indeed but you certainly should have won the most handsome dog – we absolutely refuse to believe that there was any dog more handsome at the show!Beautiful rosettes.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  5. Hi LudoWhat a busy day you had. I do hope you have somewhere at home to display lots of rosettes and trophies, 'cos I suspect that you'll be winning many more in the future (including OF COURSE the handsomest dog one).Cheers, H.

  6. Congratulations on all your ribbons Ludo! You and Aunt Penny were a hit, I am sure! That looks like a great place to have a dog show. But they are very exciting places so I can imagine it was hard to do all of your tricks.Your friend,Niamh

  7. Wow Ludo! That looked like so much fun and you did so well! them's very pretty ribbons too!!! Pawesome job on the down stay!Hugs xoSammie

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