Remember my face

Please. I found out Mum going away on hol-ee-day… without me!! How will she survive a whole week without seeing my handsome face. I thinks she wont, so in case she not find her way back to me here a piccure so she can come look at me on my blog till she get back.
I will be staying with grandpawents here.

See what a good boy I is! Come back Mum!!
~lickies, Ludo


32 thoughts on “Remember my face

  1. You look so beautifully groomed! Poor you for being left all alone, we'd hate that, but I guess it's gotta be done sometime!~Mika and Wall-e

  2. Aww Ludo! Not fair! She should let you visit Morgan if she's going away for a week! Really! But there's no way she'll forget you, she'll be back before you know it!

  3. Oh noooo! How could your mum even think about going away for a week without you, Ludo! She has some nerve! You be a really good boy for your grandparents and the time will go by quickly!My mom says tell your mom to have a great time!

  4. Your Mom will be back before you know it, Ludo! Grandpa will probably give you some goodies he is not supposed to and you will have a very good time. You, Aunty Penny, Pepe, just be good and play and snooze the time away.I don't think I know the black dog in the picture. Is that a cousin or what?Kisses, Stella

  5. Do not worry – the humans feel guilty when they are away from you – plus they bring pressies!!!Plus when you are with Grandma she will spoil you and give you treats.Lots of licksSally and Paddy

  6. Your mum is so going to miss you Ludo!We can't imagine what kind of holiday she is going on with no dog!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxps Oh we meant to say we have met Fizz and she tells us you are her brother!!!!She is sooooo pretty – almost as pretty as you are handsome – must be good genes.

  7. Oh.My.Dog. She's leaving you?!! For a whole WEEK?!! That's not on Ludo. I'm sure that's not allowed, I would soooo fall out with my Mum if she did that to me! Lets hope she misses you so much she comes back earlyHugs and Kisses~Fizz xxPee-ess – Mum says you can come and live with me if she doesn't come back. That would be sooo fun BOL!!

  8. OMDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!We can't believe that our humans can leave us alone and leave without us!!!!We know what are you feeling…we'are just feel the same sadness like you when our mommy and dad leave us alone for their vacation in USA!!!Sooooooooo..don't worried dear Ludo and Penny…she'll be back before you know it!!!!And we know she'll miss you a lot!!!!If you need help…pleaseeeeeeeee….call us and we'll be there immediately ok????!!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!Tons of love and kisses

  9. Hi Ludo Why do our humans want to go away anyway? And in November even? Can't they see that it's perfectly ridiculous and they'd much better stay at home, where they can gaze on our handsome faces to their heart's content! Cheers, H.

  10. Ludo, you can always come live with us if your Mum is going to forget you. Though we are sure she will come back for you.We are with Dog Dad up in Ohio. We love the cooler weather.Essex & Deacon

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