Assessing the damage.

Mum back! She got back at 7.30 in the morning friday after travelling though the night. Then she went to bed for a bit. I bitied her hand to make her keep stroking me. Then she went to work, then out to a party! This a very super serious case of neglect!!

Anyway, we is getting settled back into a routine so yesterday we went down to my beach to have a look at what the bad rains had done to it.

Looks ok from here Mum! That sign kinda mean though. How do you know if you is worrying a sheep?
Hm, the little trickly stream that you could not hardly notice has got bigger…

Much bigger!

Look at all that rubbishy stuff from the sea. It has pushed the stones about and revealed the defenses that them men in bright coats with tractors put in. Mum nearly fell over on some wire. hehehehe!

Look at all that seaweed Mum! Can I roll in it?

Hey where’d all the stones go?They is usually up to that first line.

All spreaded out all over the beach!

Mum says we were very lucky indeed!

Anyway, cos Mum cannot be trusted and is a big slacker I has had to hit that ‘mark all as read’ button AGAIN! I hopes you all will forgive me for not visiting very good. I had some new visitors and followers and I casnot wait to come meet you all properly. Probably next week cos Mum has the whole week off then.

~lickies, Ludo


25 thoughts on “Assessing the damage.

  1. Your beach still looks like a great place for walkies and you never know what interesting things you will find washed up. You can become Ludo the Beachcomber. Hope you gots lots of pats of hugs when mom came home

  2. Hi LudoWell thank goodness you finally had a nice outing to the beach, after all that neglect. But isn't Mum a spoilsport, not letting you roll in the seaweed. You'll be telling me next she takes the same line on decomposing fish! As for sheep looking worried it's so hard to tell isn't it?(they don't have expressive faces like us dogs)Cheers, H.

  3. Good thing your beach isn't worse than it is – it seems to have survived the weather pretty well. Glad to know your mum is home and back to doing stuff with you Ludo! She has been gone so long!

  4. Hi Ludo,Welcome back to your mom. The beach looks great and a bit windy. Good thing you were safe from the storm.We hope and your mom have lots of fun plans when she goes on a break. – Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  5. Oh my! Mr. Sheep Owner seems to be a bit CRABBY! I guess it's a good thing he lives near the water!Very very nice pictures. I'm glad your beach is still all there!

  6. Hi Ludo, we are more than happy to see your smiley face!You look very neglected……we could tell!!!That mom of yours will have to make it up to you thats for sure.We thought your beach didn't look too bad and you have been quite lucky.We think you should roll in the seaweed anyway – we do and it smells and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx

  7. Glad to see you didn't get flooded Ludo, but the beach looks… well… rocky with some trash around there. That is ONE NASTY and SCARY sign and what on earth is "to worry sheep? and "dogs will be shot?????" Wow – they mean business over there!!! Be careful Ludo! Your mama sure is a social butterfly!!! (That's a good thing!) Hugs xoSammie

  8. Looks like the rains made a mess. Hope things get put back to normal soon. We understand about the mark all as read. It is really hard to keep up. With our big holiday coming up it is going to be very hard for us too. We all understand.woos, the OP Pack

  9. Ludo….. I was going to say something about the rain and something…. then I saw the pix of you with the wind blowing through your fur…. and oh, MY! All I can think about is how HANDSOME you are!!!Sigh.Love,Ammy

  10. Ludo, you handsome lad, its sooo good to see you back! It looks like things were rough with your area and I am only happy every one of you is OK.I agree with Ammy, I think the photo of you with the wind in your hair is very wonderful!Kisses,Stella

  11. Hi, Ludo!Glad you are back!Sure the rain made a not very nice work there!But I know you enjoyed it anyway!I got your package today!Thanks a lot! I love all your presents!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  12. I bet you are so glad your mum is back home again! and has next week off!It has rained a whole lot here too. I never go to the beach dang it.

  13. BowWow Ludo! looks like lots of damage from storms. We don't get that kind of rain here in the panhandle of Idaho…Our place in Phoenix, Arizona gets what they call Monsoons but we aren't there when that happens so to us it does not exist! Glad your momma is paying some attention to you again. Those hoomans do get sidetracked and forget who is most important sometimes: US!!!Smooches,BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  14. Don't worry about that sign, Ludo. We know you'd never worry a sheep. It's nice to see you back 🙂 You look very handsome in your thick winter coat.Love, Josh and Jessie

  15. That must have been some storm! So many excitements on the beach for you. Welcome home to momma. Now if you can just get her to stay there.Slobbers,Mango

  16. Oh Ludo, we are glad everything is OK there and your Mom made it back safely! Enjoy next week with her when she's off work!

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